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Shaft Mounted Gearboxes


Shaft Mounted Gearboxes

S Series. Up to 9,500Nm / 45kW / 100mm Shaft.

Ideal for more arduous shaft mounted applications such as heavier duty conveyors and augurs, the Motovario S series shaft mounted gearbox is now available up to 90mm output shaft with a wealth of mounting options and possibilities.



Available in 7 sizes, ranging from 30mm to 90mm output shaft with a wealth of input and output mounting options. Constructed in EN-GJL-200 grey cast iron for high strength.


Up to 9500Nm output torque, 30000N admissible radial loads, 45kW Motor Input. Loading capacity calculated to ISO 6336 and verified according to AGMA 2001.


2 or 3 stages of reduction, ratios 4,06:1 to 394,69:1. Possibility to fit a an additional helical stage for slower speeds


All Motovario shaft mounted gearboxes and geared motors are supplied with a two year manufacturer's warranty for peace of mind.

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RatioOutput Speed (RPM)Motor Power (kW)Motor PoleNominal Torque (Nm)Service Factor (sf)Gearbox TypeGearbox SizeOutput Bore (mm) PDF Enquire
4.06241.318.5067103.8S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
4.06241.322.0068443.2S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
4.06363.230.0047573.4S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
4.06365.645.00411282.3S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
4.12235.611.0064323.4S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
4.1223815.0065842.5S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
4.1223818.5067202S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
4.1235718.5044752.9S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
4.1223822.0068561.7S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
4.12358.230.0047681.8S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
4.53216.218.5067923.8S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
4.53216.222.0069423.2S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
4.53325.430.0048453.4S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
4.53327.637.00410352.8S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
4.53327.645.00412592.3S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
4.59211.511.0064823.4S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
4.59213.715.0066502.5S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
4.59321.615.0044283.6S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
4.59213.718.5068022S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
4.59320.518.5045292.9S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
4.59213.722.0069531.7S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
4.59321.630.0048551.8S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
5.14188.611.0065403.4S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
5.14190.515.0067292.5S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
5.14286.815.0044803.6S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
5.14190.518.5068992S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
5.14285.818.5045932.9S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
5.14190.522.00610691.7S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
5.14285.822.0047062.5S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
5.14286.830.0049591.8S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
5.20188.318.5069103.4S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
5.20188.322.00610822.8S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
5.20283.430.0049703S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
5.20285.437.00411892.5S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
5.20285.445.00414462S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
5.71171.615.0068093.8S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
5.71171.618.5069983.1S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
5.71171.622.00611872.6S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
5.71257.422.0047843.8S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
5.71258.230.00410652.8S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
5.7126037.00413052.3S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
5.7126045.00415871.9S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
5.82166.711.0066113.4S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
5.82168.415.0068252.5S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
5.82253.515.0045433.6S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
5.82168.418.50610172S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
5.82252.618.5046712.9S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
5.82168.422.00612101.7S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
5.82252.622.0047982.5S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
5.82253.530.00410851.8S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
6.21156.111.0066523.4S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
6.21157.715.0068812.5S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
6.21237.415.0045793.6S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
6.21157.718.50610862S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
6.21236.618.5047172.9S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
6.21157.722.00612911.7S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
6.21236.622.0048522.5S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
6.21237.430.00411591.8S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
6.52150.215.0069253.5S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
6.52150.218.50611402.8S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
6.52150.222.00613562.4S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
6.52225.422.0048953.4S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
6.52226.130.00412162.5S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
6.52227.737.00414902.1S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
6.52227.745.00418121.7S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
7.28134.615.00610323.3S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
7.28134.618.50612732.7S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
7.28201.918.5048403.9S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
7.28134.622.00615132.3S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
7.28201.922.0049993.3S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
7.28202.630.00413582.4S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
7.2820437.00416632S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
7.2820445.00420231.6S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
7.32131.25.5063883.8S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
7.32132.67.5065243.8S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
7.32132.611.0067682.6S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
7.32196.811.0045123.7S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
7.32133.915.00610371.9S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
7.32201.615.0046822.8S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
7.32133.918.50612791.6S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
7.32200.918.5048442.3S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
7.32133.922.00615211.3S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
7.32200.922.00410041.9S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
7.32201.630.00413651.4S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
7.34126.72.2061613.6S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
7.34126.73.0062192.6S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
7.34193.53.0041423.9S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
7.34130.84.0062832S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
7.34196.24.0041872.9S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
7.34130.85.5063891.5S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
7.34197.65.5042552.2S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
7.34396.55.5021233.4S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
7.34197.67.5043481.6S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
7.34396.57.5021672.5S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
8.00116.31.106884S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
8.00116.31.5061192.9S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
8.00116.32.2061752S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
8.00177.52.2041142.9S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
8.00116.33.0062391.5S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
8.00177.53.0041552.1S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
8.00358.83.002743.3S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
8.001804.0042041.6S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
8.00358.84.002992.5S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
8.06115.32.2061773.6S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
8.06115.33.0062412.6S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
8.06115.33.0062413.7S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
8.06176.13.0041563.8S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
8.06119.14.0063112S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
8.06119.14.0063112.9S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
8.06178.64.0042052.9S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
8.06119.15.5064281.5S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
8.06119.15.5064282.1S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
8.06179.85.5042802.1S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
8.06179.85.5042803S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
8.06360.95.5021353.3S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
8.06120.37.5065771.5S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
8.06179.87.5043821.6S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
8.06179.87.5043822.2S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
8.06360.97.5021842.4S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
8.06360.97.5021843.5S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
8.06120.311.0068471.1S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
8.06178.611.0045651.5S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
8.06182.915.0047521.1S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
8.211175.5064353.8S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
8.21118.27.5065883.8S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
8.21118.211.0068622.6S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
8.21175.411.0045753.7S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
8.21119.415.00611631.9S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
8.21179.715.0047652.8S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
8.21119.418.50614351.6S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
8.21179.118.5049472.3S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
8.21119.422.00617061.3S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
8.21179.122.00411261.9S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
8.21179.730.00415301.4S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
8.36117.315.00611853.1S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
8.36117.318.50614612.5S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
8.36175.918.5049643.7S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
8.36117.322.00617372.1S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
8.36175.922.00411473.1S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
8.36176.530.00415582.3S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
8.36177.737.00419091.8S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
8.36177.745.00423221.5S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
8.48114.47.5066072.6S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
8.48114.411.0068911.8S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
8.48169.811.0045942.5S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
8.48115.515.00612021.3S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
8.48173.915.0047911.9S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
8.48115.518.50614831.1S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
8.48173.318.5049791.5S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
8.48173.322.00411641.3S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
8.48173.930.00415820.9S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
8.63107.80.556473.8S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
8.63106.70.756652.7S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
8.63107.81.106941.9S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
8.63163.51.104622.8S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
8.63107.81.5061291.4S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
8.63162.31.504852S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
8.63325.81.502413.1S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
8.63107.82.2061890.9S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
8.63164.62.2041231.4S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
8.63331.62.202592.2S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
8.63164.63.0041671S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
8.63332.83.002801.6S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
8.63332.84.0021061.2S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
8.85105.13.0062643.6S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
8.85108.54.0063412.8S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
8.85162.84.0042254S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
8.85108.55.5064692S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
8.85163.95.5043082.9S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
8.85109.67.5066331.5S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
8.85163.97.5044202.1S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
8.85328.97.5022023.3S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
8.85109.611.0069291S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
8.85162.811.0046201.5S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
8.85166.715.0048251.1S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
8.92104.21.106983.5S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
8.92104.21.5061332.6S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
8.92156.91.504883.8S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
8.92104.22.2061951.8S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
8.92159.22.2041272.6S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
8.92104.23.0062661.3S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
8.92159.23.0041731.9S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
8.92321.73.002833S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
8.92161.44.0042271.5S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
8.92321.74.0021102.2S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
9.17106.815.00613003S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
9.17106.818.50616032.5S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
9.17160.318.50410583.5S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
9.17106.822.00619072.1S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
9.17160.322.00412593S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
9.17160.830.00417102.2S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
9.17161.937.00420951.8S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
9.17161.945.00425481.5S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
9.29103.45.5064933.8S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
9.29104.57.5066653.8S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
9.29104.511.0069752.6S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
9.29155.111.0046503.7S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
9.29105.515.00613161.9S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
9.29158.915.0048662.8S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
9.29105.518.50616231.6S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
9.29158.318.50410712.3S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
9.29105.522.00619301.3S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
9.29158.322.00412741.9S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
9.29158.930.00417311.4S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
9.30104.37.5066662.7S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
9.30104.311.0069761.8S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
9.30154.911.0046512.6S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
9.30105.415.00613181.4S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
9.30158.615.0048672S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
9.30105.418.50616251.1S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
9.30158.118.50410731.6S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
9.30105.422.00619330.9S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
9.30158.122.00412761.3S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
9.30158.630.00417341S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
9.5597.41.1061053.6S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
9.5597.41.5061432.7S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
9.55146.71.504943.8S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
9.5597.42.2062091.8S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
9.55148.82.2041362.7S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
9.5597.43.0062851.3S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
9.55148.83.0041851.9S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
9.55300.73.002883.1S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
9.55150.94.0042431.5S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
9.55300.74.0021182.3S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
9.9196.85.5065263.8S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
9.9197.87.5067103.8S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
9.9197.811.00610412.6S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
9.91145.311.0046943.7S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
9.9198.915.00614051.9S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
9.91148.815.0049242.8S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
9.9198.918.50617331.6S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
9.91148.318.50411442.3S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
9.9198.922.00620611.3S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
9.91148.322.00413601.9S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
9.91148.830.00418491.4S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
9.9493.52.2062183.1S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
9.9493.53.0062972.3S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
9.94142.83.0041933.4S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
9.9496.54.0063841.8S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
9.94144.84.0042532.6S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
9.9496.55.5065281.3S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
9.94145.85.5043461.9S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
9.94292.65.5021662.9S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
9.94145.87.5044721.4S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
9.94292.67.5022272.2S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
10.2494.77.5067332.4S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
10.2494.711.00610751.7S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
10.24140.711.0047172.4S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
10.2495.715.00614511.2S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
10.24144.115.0049551.8S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
10.2495.718.50617901S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
10.24143.618.50411811.4S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
10.24143.622.00414051.2S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
10.4294.115.00614773S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
10.4294.118.50618212.4S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
10.42141.118.50412023.5S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
10.4294.122.00621662S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
10.42141.122.00414302.9S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
10.42141.630.00419432.2S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
10.42142.537.00423801.8S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
10.42142.545.00428951.4S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
10.6587.41.1061173.2S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
10.6587.41.5061592.4S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
10.65131.51.5041053.4S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
10.6587.42.2062331.6S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
10.65133.42.2041512.4S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
10.65270.52.202723.8S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
10.6587.43.0063181.2S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
10.65133.43.0042061.7S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
10.65269.63.002982.7S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
10.65135.34.0042711.3S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
10.65269.64.0021312.1S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
10.8885.43.0063253.1S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
10.8888.24.0064202.4S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
10.88132.34.0042773.4S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
10.8888.25.5065771.7S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
10.88133.25.5043792.5S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
10.88267.45.5021823.9S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
10.8889.17.5067791.3S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
10.88133.27.5045161.8S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
10.88267.47.5022482.9S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
10.88132.311.0047621.2S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
10.88135.515.00410150.9S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
11.1483.50.556613.3S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
11.1482.60.756842.4S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
11.14125.70.754553.5S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
11.1483.51.1061221.6S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
11.14126.61.104802.4S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
11.1483.51.5061661.2S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
11.14125.71.5041091.7S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
11.14252.21.502532.7S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
11.14127.52.2041581.2S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
11.14256.72.202761.9S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
11.14257.63.0021031.4S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
11.14257.64.0021371S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
11.4184.25.5066053.6S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
11.41857.5068173.6S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
11.41127.17.5045413.8S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
11.418511.00611982.5S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
11.41126.211.0047993.5S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
11.4185.915.00616171.8S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
11.41129.315.00410632.6S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
11.4185.918.50619941.5S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
11.41128.918.50413162.1S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
11.4185.922.00623711.2S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
11.41128.922.00415651.8S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
11.41129.330.00421271.3S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
11.42857.5068172.4S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
11.428511.00611991.7S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
11.42126.111.0048002.4S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
11.4285.815.00616181.2S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
11.42129.215.00410641.8S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
11.4285.818.50619961S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
11.42128.818.50413171.4S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
11.42128.822.00415661.2S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
11.6180.12.2062542.9S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
11.6180.13.0063472.1S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
11.61122.43.0042253.1S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
11.6182.74.0064481.6S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
11.61124.14.0042962.4S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
11.61247.34.0021433.7S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
11.6182.75.5066161.2S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
11.61124.95.5044041.7S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
11.61250.75.5021942.7S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
11.61124.97.5045501.3S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
11.61250.77.5022652S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
11.7179.41.1061283.2S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
11.7179.41.5061752.3S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
11.71119.61.5041153.4S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
11.7179.42.2062561.6S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
11.71121.32.2041662.3S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
11.71244.32.202803.7S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
11.7179.43.0063501.2S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
11.71121.33.0042271.7S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
11.71245.13.0021082.7S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
11.711234.0042981.3S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
11.71245.14.0021442S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
12.0077.50.556663.2S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
12.0076.70.756912.3S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
12.00116.70.754593.4S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
12.0077.51.1061311.6S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
12.00117.51.104862.3S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
12.00236.71.102413.6S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
12.0077.51.5061791.2S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
12.00116.71.5041181.7S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
12.00234.21.502572.6S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
12.00118.32.2041701.2S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
12.00238.32.202821.8S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
12.00239.23.0021111.4S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
12.00239.24.0021481S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
12.4677.87.5068923.9S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
12.4677.811.00613092.7S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
12.46115.511.0048733.8S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
12.4678.615.00617662S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
12.46118.315.00411622.8S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
12.4678.618.50621791.6S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
12.46117.918.50414382.3S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
12.4678.622.00625911.3S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
12.46117.922.00417101.9S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
12.46118.330.00423241.4S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
12.46119.237.00428471.2S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
12.46119.245.00434621S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
12.6376.87.5069042.6S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
12.6376.811.00613261.7S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
12.63114.111.0048842.5S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
12.6377.615.00617891.3S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
12.63116.815.00411771.9S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
12.6377.618.50622071S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
12.63116.418.50414571.5S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
12.63116.422.00417321.3S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
12.63116.830.00423540.9S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
12.7572.92.2062792.8S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
12.7572.92.2062793.8S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
12.7572.93.0063812.1S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
12.7572.93.0063812.8S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
12.75111.43.0042473S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
12.7575.34.0064921.6S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
12.7575.34.0064922.1S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
12.75112.94.0043252.3S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
12.75112.94.0043253.1S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
12.75225.14.0021573.6S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
12.7575.35.5066761.2S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
12.7575.35.5066761.6S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
12.75113.75.5044431.7S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
12.75113.75.5044432.3S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
12.75228.25.5022132.6S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
12.75228.25.5022133.5S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
12.7576.17.5069131.2S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
12.75113.77.5046051.2S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
12.75113.77.5046051.7S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
12.75228.27.5022911.9S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
12.75228.27.5022912.6S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
12.75112.911.0048931.1S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
12.8174.95.5066803S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
12.8175.77.5069173S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
12.81113.27.5046083.1S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
12.8175.711.00613452S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
12.81112.411.0048972.9S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
12.8176.515.00618161.5S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
12.81115.115.00411952.2S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
12.8176.518.50622401.2S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
12.81114.718.50414781.8S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
12.8176.522.00626631S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
12.81114.722.00417581.5S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
12.81115.130.00423891.1S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
13.0671.21.1061433.1S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
13.0671.21.5061952.3S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
13.06107.21.5041283.3S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
13.0671.22.2062861.5S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
13.06108.72.2041852.3S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
13.062192.202893.5S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
13.0671.23.0063901.1S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
13.06108.73.0042531.7S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
13.06219.83.0021212.6S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
13.06110.34.0043331.3S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
13.06219.84.0021612S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
13.3669.61.1061463S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
13.3669.61.5061992.2S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
13.36104.81.5041313.2S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
13.3669.62.2062931.5S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
13.36106.32.2041902.2S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
13.36214.12.202913.5S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
13.3669.63.0063991.1S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
13.36106.33.0042591.6S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
13.36214.93.0021242.6S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
13.36107.84.0043401.2S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
13.36214.94.0021651.9S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
13.6668.10.556752.9S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
13.6667.40.7561032.1S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
13.66102.50.754673.1S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
13.6668.11.1061501.5S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
13.66103.21.104982.2S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
13.662081.102473.4S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
13.6668.11.5062041.1S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
13.66102.51.5041341.6S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
13.66205.81.502642.4S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
13.661042.2041941.1S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
13.66209.42.202931.7S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
13.66210.23.0021261.2S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
13.8470.17.5069912.5S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
13.8470.111.00614531.7S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
13.84104.111.0049692.5S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
13.8470.815.00619611.3S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
13.84106.615.00412901.9S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
13.8470.818.50624191S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
13.84106.218.50415971.5S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
13.84106.222.00418991.3S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
13.84106.630.00425810.9S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
13.9169.77.5069963.9S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
13.9169.711.00614612.7S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
13.91103.511.0049743.8S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
13.9170.515.00619712S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
13.9110615.00412972.8S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
13.9170.518.50624311.6S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
13.91105.718.50416052.3S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
13.9170.522.00628911.3S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
13.91105.722.00419091.9S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
13.9110630.00425941.4S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
13.91106.837.00431771.2S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
13.91106.845.00438641S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
13.9966.53.0064183S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
13.9968.64.0065402.3S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
13.99102.94.0043563.4S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
13.9968.65.5067421.7S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
13.99103.65.5044862.5S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
13.992085.5022343.8S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
13.9969.37.50610021.3S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
13.99103.67.5046631.8S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
13.992087.5023192.8S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
13.99102.911.0049801.2S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
13.99105.415.00413040.9S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
14.0466.21.5062103.8S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
14.0466.22.2063082.6S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
14.04101.12.2041993.8S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
14.0466.23.0064191.9S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
14.04101.13.0042722.8S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
14.0468.44.0065421.5S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
14.04102.54.0043582.1S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
14.04204.44.0021733.3S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
14.0468.45.5067451.1S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
14.04103.25.5044881.6S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
14.04207.25.5022352.4S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
14.04103.27.5046661.1S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
14.04207.27.5023201.8S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
14.2767.34.0065513.4S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
14.2767.35.5067572.5S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
14.27101.65.5044963.6S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
14.27687.50610222.5S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
14.27101.67.5046772.6S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
14.276811.00614991.7S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
14.27100.911.0049992.4S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
14.2768.715.00620231.3S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
14.27103.415.00413311.8S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
14.2768.718.50624951S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
14.2710318.50416471.5S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
14.2710322.00419581.2S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
14.27103.430.00426610.9S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
15.2760.90.556843S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
15.2760.20.7561152.2S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
15.2791.70.754753.2S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
15.2760.91.1061671.5S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
15.2791.71.1041102.2S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
15.27185.31.102533.4S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
15.2760.91.5062281.1S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
15.2791.71.5041501.6S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
15.271841.502722.5S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
15.27932.2042171.1S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
15.27187.32.2021041.7S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
15.27187.93.0021411.3S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
15.4360.31.5062303.5S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
15.4360.32.2063382.4S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
15.4360.32.2063383.9S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
15.43922.2042193.5S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
15.4360.33.0064611.8S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
15.4360.33.0064612.8S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
15.43923.0042992.6S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
15.4362.24.0065951.4S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
15.4362.24.0065952.2S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
15.4393.34.0043932S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
15.4393.34.0043933.2S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
15.431864.0021903S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
15.4362.25.5068181S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
15.4362.25.5068181.6S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
15.43945.5045371.4S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
15.43945.5045372.3S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
15.43188.65.5022582.2S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
15.43188.65.5022583.6S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
15.43947.5047321.1S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
15.43947.5047321.7S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
15.43188.67.5023521.6S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
15.43188.67.5023522.7S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
15.7359.11.5062353.4S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
15.7359.12.2063442.3S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
15.7390.32.2042233.4S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
15.7359.13.0064701.7S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
15.7390.33.0043052.5S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
15.73614.0066071.3S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
15.7391.64.0044001.9S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
15.73182.54.0021943S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
15.73615.5068341S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
15.7392.25.5045471.4S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
15.73185.15.5022632.2S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
15.7392.27.5047461S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
15.73185.17.5023591.6S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
15.9457.70.7561203.9S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
15.9458.41.1061752.7S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
15.9487.81.1041153.9S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
15.9458.41.5062382S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
15.9487.81.5041572.9S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
15.9458.42.2063491.4S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
15.9489.12.2042262S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
15.94180.72.2021083.1S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
15.9458.43.0064761S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
15.9489.13.0043091.5S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
15.94180.13.0021472.3S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
15.9490.44.0044061.1S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
15.94180.14.0021971.7S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
15.9760.77.50611433.9S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
15.9760.711.00616772.7S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
15.9790.211.00411183.8S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
15.9761.415.00622632S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
15.9792.415.00414892.8S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
15.9761.418.50627911.6S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
15.9792.118.50418422.3S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
15.9761.422.00633191.3S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
15.9792.122.00421911.9S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
15.9792.430.00429781.4S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
15.979337.00436481.2S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
15.979345.00444361S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
16.01604.0066183.3S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
16.01605.5068492.4S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
16.0190.65.5045573.5S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
16.0160.67.50611462.4S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
16.0190.67.5047592.6S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
16.0160.611.00616811.7S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
16.019011.00411212.4S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
16.0161.215.00622691.2S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
16.0192.215.00414921.8S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
16.0161.218.50627981S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
16.0191.818.50418471.4S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
16.0191.822.00421961.2S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
16.1656.90.7561223.9S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
16.1657.51.1061772.7S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
16.1687.21.1041163.9S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
16.1657.51.5062412S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
16.1686.61.5041592.8S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
16.1657.52.2063541.3S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
16.1687.92.2042302S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
16.16176.92.2021103.1S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
16.1657.53.0064831S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
16.1687.93.0043131.4S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
16.16177.63.0021492.3S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
16.1689.14.0044121.1S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
16.16177.64.0021991.7S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
16.2957.10.556892.8S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
16.2956.50.7561232S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
16.29860.754803S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
16.2957.11.1061781.4S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
16.29861.1041172S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
16.29174.41.102563.2S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
16.2957.11.5062431S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
16.29861.5041601.5S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
16.29172.51.502772.3S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
16.2987.22.2042311S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
16.29175.62.2021111.6S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
16.29176.23.0021511.2S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
16.9957.17.50612172.2S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
16.9957.111.00617841.5S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
16.9984.711.00411902.2S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
16.9957.715.00624081.1S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
16.9986.815.00415841.6S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
16.9957.718.50629700.9S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
16.9986.518.50419611.3S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
16.9986.522.00423321.1S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
17.21542.2063773.6S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
17.21543.0065142.7S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
17.2182.53.0043333.9S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
17.2155.84.0066642.1S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
17.2183.74.0044383S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
17.2155.85.5069131.5S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
17.2184.25.5045992.2S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
17.21169.15.5022883.4S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
17.2156.47.50612321.1S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
17.2184.27.5048161.6S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
17.21169.17.5023922.5S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
17.2183.711.00412051.1S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
17.2953.81.5062583.1S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
17.2953.82.2063792.1S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
17.2982.12.2042463.1S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
17.2953.83.0065171.6S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
17.2982.13.0043352.3S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
17.29165.93.0021603.6S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
17.2955.54.0066671.2S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
17.2983.34.0044401.7S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
17.29165.94.0022132.7S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
17.2983.85.5046011.3S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
17.29168.35.5022892S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
17.2983.87.5048200.9S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
17.29168.37.5023941.5S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
17.5355.37.50612553.9S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
17.5355.311.00618402.7S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
17.5382.211.00412273.8S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
17.5355.915.00624842S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
17.5384.215.00416342.8S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
17.5355.918.50630641.6S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
17.5383.918.50420222.3S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
17.5355.922.00636431.3S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
17.5383.922.00424051.9S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
17.5384.230.00432681.4S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
17.5384.737.00440041.2S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
17.5384.745.00448691S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
18.11534.0066993.3S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
18.11535.5069612.4S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
18.1180.15.5046303.5S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
18.1153.67.50612962.4S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
18.1180.17.5048592.6S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
18.1153.611.00619011.7S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
18.1179.511.00412682.4S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
18.1154.115.00625661.2S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
18.1181.515.00416881.8S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
18.1154.118.50631651S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
18.1181.218.50420891.4S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
18.1181.222.00424851.2S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
18.6347.20.376733.5S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
18.6349.90.5561022.5S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
18.6373.50.554693.5S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
18.6349.40.7561411.8S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
18.6375.10.754922.6S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
18.6349.91.1062041.2S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
18.6375.11.1041341.8S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
18.63152.41.102642.8S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
18.6349.91.5062780.9S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
18.6375.11.5041831.3S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
18.63150.81.502882S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
18.6376.22.2042650.9S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
18.63153.52.2021271.4S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
18.631543.0021721S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
19.0048.92.2064163.5S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
19.0048.93.0065682.6S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
19.0074.73.0043683.8S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
19.0050.54.0067332S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
19.0075.84.0044842.9S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
19.0050.55.50610081.5S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
19.0076.35.5046612.1S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
19.00153.25.5023183.3S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
19.0076.37.5049011.6S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
19.00153.27.5024332.4S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
19.0348.91.1062083.9S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
19.0348.91.5062842.8S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
19.0348.92.2064171.9S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
19.0374.62.2042702.8S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
19.0348.93.0065681.4S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
19.0374.63.0043692.1S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
19.03150.83.0021763.3S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
19.0350.54.0067341.1S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
19.0375.74.0044851.6S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
19.03150.84.0022352.5S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
19.0376.25.5046621.2S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
19.03152.95.5023181.8S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
19.03152.97.5024341.3S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
19.2947.70.7561463.2S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
19.2948.21.1062112.2S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
19.2972.61.1041393.2S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
19.2948.21.5062881.6S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
19.2972.61.5041892.4S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
19.29145.71.502913.7S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
19.2948.22.2064221.1S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
19.2973.62.2042741.6S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
19.29148.32.2021312.6S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
19.2973.63.0043741.2S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
19.29148.83.0021781.9S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
19.2974.74.0044910.9S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
19.29148.84.0022381.4S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
19.3349.74.0067463.3S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
19.3349.75.50610262.4S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
19.33755.5046723.5S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
19.3350.27.50613842.4S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
19.33757.5049172.6S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
19.3350.211.00620301.7S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
19.3374.511.00413542.4S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
19.3350.715.00627401.2S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
19.3376.315.00418031.8S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
19.3350.718.50633791S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
19.337618.50422311.4S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
19.337622.00426531.2S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
19.5547.10.7561483.3S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
19.5547.61.1062142.3S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
19.5571.61.1041413.3S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
19.5547.61.5062921.7S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
19.5571.61.5041922.4S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
19.55143.71.502923.7S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
19.5547.62.2064281.1S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
19.5572.62.2042781.7S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
19.55146.32.2021332.6S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
19.5572.63.0043791.2S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
19.55146.83.0021811.9S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
19.5573.74.0044980.9S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
19.55146.84.0022411.4S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
19.7344.60.376773.3S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
19.7347.10.5561082.3S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
19.7369.40.554733.3S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
19.7346.60.7561491.7S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
19.73710.754972.5S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
19.73141.90.752473.9S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
19.7347.11.1062161.2S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
19.73711.1041421.7S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
19.731441.102682.7S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
19.73711.5041941.2S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
19.73142.41.502931.9S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
19.731452.2021341.3S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
19.9148.77.50614253.9S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
19.9148.711.00620902.7S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
19.9172.311.00413943.8S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
19.9149.215.00628212S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
19.9174.115.00418562.8S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
19.9149.218.50634801.6S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
19.9173.818.50422972.3S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
19.9149.222.00641381.3S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
19.9173.822.00427311.9S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
19.9174.130.00437121.4S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
19.9174.637.00445471.2S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
19.9174.645.00455301S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
20.1446.21.1062213.7S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
20.1446.21.5063012.7S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
20.1469.51.5041983.9S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
20.1446.22.2064411.8S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
20.1470.52.2042862.7S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
20.1446.23.0066021.3S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
20.1470.53.0043902S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
20.14142.53.0021863.1S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
20.1447.74.0067771S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
20.1471.54.0045131.5S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
20.14142.54.0022482.3S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
20.14725.5047001.1S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
20.14144.55.5023371.7S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
20.14144.57.5024591.3S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
20.8344.72.2064563.2S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
20.8344.73.0066222.4S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
20.8368.23.0044033.5S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
20.8346.14.0068041.8S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
20.8369.14.0045302.6S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
20.8346.15.50611051.3S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
20.8369.65.5047241.9S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
20.83139.75.5023483S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
20.8369.67.5049881.4S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
20.83139.77.5024752.2S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
21.0441.80.376823.3S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
21.0444.20.5561152.4S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
21.0465.10.554773.4S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
21.0443.70.7561591.7S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
21.0466.60.7541032.5S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
21.04133.10.752503.9S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
21.0444.21.1062301.2S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
21.0466.61.1041521.7S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
21.041351.102722.7S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
21.0466.61.5042071.3S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
21.04133.61.502992S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
21.041362.2021431.4S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
21.04136.43.0021951S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
21.2545.24.0068203.6S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
21.2545.25.50611272.6S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
21.2568.25.5047393.8S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
21.2545.67.50615211.9S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
21.2568.27.50410082.8S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
21.2545.611.00622311.3S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
21.2567.811.00414881.9S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
21.2546.115.00630121S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
21.2569.415.00419811.4S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
21.2569.218.50424521.1S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
21.2569.222.00429161S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
21.5340.90.376843.3S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
21.5343.20.5561182.3S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
21.5363.60.554793.3S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
21.5342.70.7561631.7S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
21.53650.7541062.5S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
21.53130.10.752513.8S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
21.5343.21.1062361.2S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
21.53651.1041551.7S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
21.53131.91.102742.6S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
21.53651.5042111.2S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
21.53130.51.5021021.9S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
21.53132.82.2021471.3S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
22.13421.1062423.5S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
22.13421.5063302.5S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
22.1363.31.5042173.7S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
22.13422.2064851.7S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
22.13422.2064853S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
22.1364.22.2043142.5S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
22.13129.32.2021514S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
22.13423.0066611.3S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
22.13423.0066612.2S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
22.1364.23.0044291.9S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
22.1364.23.0044293.3S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
22.13129.73.0022052.9S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
22.1343.44.0068541S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
22.1343.44.0068541.7S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
22.1365.14.0045631.4S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
22.1365.14.0045632.5S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
22.13129.74.0022732.2S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
22.13129.74.0022733.8S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
22.1343.45.50611741.3S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
22.1365.55.5047691S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
22.1365.55.5047691.8S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
22.13131.55.5023701.6S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
22.13131.55.5023702.8S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
22.1365.57.50410491.3S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
22.13131.57.5025041.2S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
22.13131.57.5025042.1S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
22.2443.23.0066443.9S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
22.2443.24.0068583S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
22.2443.25.50611802.2S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
22.2465.25.5047743.1S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
22.2443.67.50615932.2S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
22.2465.27.50410552.3S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
22.2443.611.00623361.5S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
22.2464.711.00415582.1S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
22.2444.115.00631531.1S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
22.2466.315.00420741.6S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
22.2466.118.50425671.3S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
22.2466.122.00430521.1S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
22.3742.94.0068633.4S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
22.3742.95.50611872.5S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
22.3764.85.5047783.6S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
22.3743.47.50616011.8S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
22.3764.87.50410612.6S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
22.3743.411.00623491.3S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
22.3764.411.00415661.8S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
22.3743.815.00631700.9S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
22.3765.915.00420851.3S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
22.3765.718.50425811.1S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
22.3765.722.00430690.9S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
22.8842.47.50616383.9S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
22.8842.411.00624032.7S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
22.8862.911.00416023.8S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
22.8842.815.00632432S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
22.8864.515.00421332.8S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
22.8842.818.50640001.6S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
22.8864.218.50426402.3S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
22.8842.822.00647561.3S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
22.8864.222.00431401.9S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
22.8864.530.00442671.4S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
22.8864.937.00452271.2S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
22.8864.945.00463571S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
23.1840.10.5561273.9S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
23.1839.70.7561752.8S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
23.1840.11.1062541.9S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
23.1860.41.1041672.8S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
23.1840.11.5063461.4S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
23.1860.41.5042282.1S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
23.18121.21.5021093.2S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
23.1840.12.2065081S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
23.1861.32.2043291.4S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
23.18123.42.2021582.2S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
23.1861.33.0044491S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
23.18123.83.0022141.6S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
23.18123.84.0022861.2S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
23.2941.24.0068993.4S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
23.2941.25.50612362.5S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
23.2962.35.5048103.6S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
23.2941.67.50616681.8S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
23.2962.37.50411052.6S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
23.2941.611.00624461.2S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
23.2961.811.00416311.8S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
23.2942.115.00633010.9S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
23.2963.315.00421721.3S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
23.2963.118.50426871.1S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
23.2963.122.00431960.9S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
23.7539.20.5561303.8S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
23.7538.70.7561792.8S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
23.7539.21.1062601.9S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
23.7558.91.1041712.7S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
23.7539.21.5063551.4S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
23.7558.91.5042332S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
23.75118.31.5021123.1S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
23.7539.22.2065200.9S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
23.7559.82.2043371.4S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
23.75120.42.2021622.2S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
23.7559.83.0044601S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
23.75120.83.0022201.6S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
23.75120.84.0022931.2S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
24.0038.81.1062633.2S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
24.0038.81.5063582.3S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
24.0058.31.5042363.4S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
24.0038.82.2065261.6S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
24.0059.22.2043412.3S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
24.00119.22.2021633.7S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
24.0038.83.0067171.2S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
24.0059.23.0044651.7S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
24.00119.63.0022222.7S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
24.00404.0069260.9S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
24.00604.0046111.3S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
24.00119.64.0022962S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
24.0060.45.5048351S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
24.00121.35.5024011.5S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
24.00121.37.5025471.1S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
24.0736.60.376942.9S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
24.0738.60.5561322.1S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
24.0756.90.554892.9S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
24.0738.20.7561821.5S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
24.0758.20.7541182.2S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
24.07116.30.752573.4S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
24.0738.61.1062641S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
24.0758.21.1041731.5S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
24.07117.61.102832.4S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
24.0758.21.5042361.1S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
24.07116.81.5021141.7S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
24.07118.82.2021641.2S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
24.2838.32.2065323S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
24.2838.33.0067252.2S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
24.2858.53.0044703.2S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
24.2839.54.0069371.7S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
24.2859.34.0046182.4S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
24.28118.24.0022993.8S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
24.2839.55.50612881.2S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
24.2859.75.5048441.8S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
24.28119.95.5024062.8S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
24.2859.77.50411511.3S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
24.28119.97.5025542S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
25.14370.5561383.7S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
25.1436.60.7561902.7S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
25.1455.70.7541233.9S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
25.14371.1062751.8S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
25.1455.71.1041812.7S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
25.14371.5063761.3S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
25.1455.71.5042471.9S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
25.14111.81.5021193S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
25.14372.2065510.9S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
25.1456.52.2043571.3S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
25.14113.82.2021712.1S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
25.1456.53.0044871S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
25.14114.13.0022331.5S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
25.14114.14.0023101.2S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
25.2034.90.376983.1S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
25.2036.90.5561382.2S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
25.2054.40.554933.1S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
25.2036.50.7561901.6S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
25.2055.60.7541242.3S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
25.20111.10.752603.6S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
25.2036.91.1062761.1S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
25.2055.61.1041821.6S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
25.20112.31.102872.5S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
25.2055.61.5042481.2S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
25.20111.51.5021191.8S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
25.20113.52.2021711.3S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
25.26383.0067313S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
25.26384.0069752.3S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
25.26385.50613401.7S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
25.2657.45.5048782.4S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
25.2638.47.50618091.7S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
25.2657.47.50411981.8S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
25.2638.411.00626531.1S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
25.265711.00417691.6S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
25.2658.415.00423551.2S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
25.2658.218.50429151S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
25.7934.10.3761003S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
25.7936.10.5561412.2S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
25.7953.10.554953.1S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
25.7935.70.7561951.6S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
25.7954.30.7541272.3S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
25.79108.60.752613.6S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
25.7936.11.1062821.1S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
25.7954.31.1041861.6S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
25.79109.81.102892.5S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
25.7954.31.5042531.1S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
25.791091.5021221.8S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
25.79110.92.2021751.2S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
26.0535.71.1062852.9S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
26.0535.71.5063892.2S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
26.0553.71.5042563.1S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
26.0535.72.2065711.5S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
26.0554.52.2043702.2S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
26.05109.82.2021773.4S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
26.0535.73.0067781.1S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
26.0554.53.0045051.6S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
26.05110.23.0022412.5S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
26.0555.34.0046631.2S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
26.05110.24.0023211.9S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
26.05111.75.5024361.4S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
26.05111.77.5025941S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
26.1536.74.00610093.1S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
26.1536.75.50613872.3S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
26.1555.45.5049103.3S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
26.1537.17.50618721.7S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
26.1555.47.50412402.4S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
26.15111.37.5025963.8S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
26.1537.111.00627461.1S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
26.1555.111.00418321.6S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
26.1556.415.00424381.2S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
26.1556.218.50430181S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
26.3335.32.2065772.7S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
26.3335.33.0067872S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
26.3353.93.0045102.9S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
26.3336.54.00610161.6S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
26.3354.74.0046712.2S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
26.331094.0023253.5S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
26.3336.55.50613971.1S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
26.3355.15.5049161.6S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
26.33110.55.5024402.6S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
26.3355.17.50412491.2S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
26.33110.57.5026001.9S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
27.1135.87.50619413.3S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
27.1135.811.00628462.2S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
27.1153.111.00418983.2S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
27.1136.215.00638421.7S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
27.1154.415.00425272.4S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
27.1136.218.50647381.3S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
27.1154.218.50431271.9S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
27.1136.222.00656341.1S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
27.1154.222.00437191.6S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
27.1154.430.00450541.2S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
27.1154.837.00461921S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
27.2934.11.1062993.2S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
27.2934.11.5064082.3S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
27.2951.31.5042683.4S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
27.2934.12.2065981.6S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
27.29522.2043882.3S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
27.29104.82.2021863.6S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
27.2934.13.0068151.2S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
27.29523.0045291.7S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
27.29105.23.0022522.7S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
27.2935.54.00610420.9S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
27.2952.84.0046951.3S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
27.29105.24.0023362S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
27.2953.15.5049490.9S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
27.29106.65.5024561.5S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
27.29106.67.5026221.1S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
27.6633.60.5561513.3S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
27.6633.30.7562092.4S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
27.6650.60.7541363.5S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
27.6633.61.1063031.7S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
27.6650.61.1041992.4S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
27.66102.71.102953.8S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
27.6633.61.5064131.2S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
27.6650.61.5042721.8S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
27.66101.61.5021312.8S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
27.6651.32.2043931.2S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
27.66103.42.2021881.9S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
27.6651.73.0045320.9S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
27.66103.83.0022561.4S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
27.66103.84.0023411.1S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
27.8131.60.3761082.8S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
27.8133.40.5561522S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
27.8149.30.5541022.8S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
27.8133.10.7562101.5S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
27.8150.30.7541372.1S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
27.81100.70.752663.3S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
27.8133.41.1063051S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
27.8150.31.1042001.4S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
27.81101.81.102962.3S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
27.8150.31.5042731.1S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
27.811011.5021311.7S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
27.81102.82.2021891.1S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
28.3333.93.0068203S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
28.3333.94.00610932.3S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
28.3333.95.50615031.7S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
28.3351.25.5049852.4S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
28.3334.27.50620291.7S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
28.3351.27.50413441.8S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
28.3334.211.00629751.1S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
28.3350.811.00419841.6S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
28.3352.115.00426421.2S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
28.3351.918.50432691S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
28.6032.53.0068543.7S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
28.6033.64.00611032.9S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
28.6033.65.50615172.1S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
28.6050.75.5049953S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
28.6033.97.50620481.5S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
28.6050.77.50413562.2S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
28.60101.77.5026523.5S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
28.6033.911.00630031S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
28.6050.311.00420031.5S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
28.6051.615.00426661.1S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
28.6051.418.50433000.9S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
28.6732.41.1063143S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
28.6732.41.5064282.2S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
28.6748.81.5042823.2S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
28.6732.42.2066281.5S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
28.6749.52.2044072.2S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
28.6799.72.2021953.5S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
28.6732.43.0068561.1S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
28.6749.53.0045551.6S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
28.67100.13.0022652.5S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
28.6750.24.0047301.2S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
28.67100.14.0023541.9S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
28.6750.65.5049970.9S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
28.67101.55.5024791.4S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
28.67101.57.5026541S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
29.6031.41.1063242.9S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
29.6031.41.5064422.1S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
29.6047.31.5042913.1S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
29.6031.42.2066481.5S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
29.60482.2044202.1S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
29.6096.62.2022013.4S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
29.6031.43.0068841.1S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
29.60483.0045731.6S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
29.60973.0022742.5S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
29.6048.64.0047541.2S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
29.60974.0023651.8S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
29.6098.35.5024951.4S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
29.6098.37.5026751S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
29.7532.67.50621303.3S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
29.7532.611.00631242.2S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
29.7548.411.00420833.2S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
29.7532.915.00642161.7S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
29.7549.615.00427742.4S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
29.7532.918.50652001.3S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
29.7549.418.50434331.9S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
29.7532.922.00661841.1S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
29.7549.422.00440821.6S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
29.7549.630.00455471.2S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
29.7549.937.00467961S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
29.8731.11.5064463.5S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
29.8731.12.2066542.4S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
29.8747.52.2044243.5S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
29.8731.13.0068921.8S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
29.8747.53.0045792.6S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
29.8732.14.00611521.4S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
29.8748.24.0047612S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
29.8796.14.0023683.1S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
29.8732.15.50615851S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
29.8748.55.50410391.4S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
29.8797.45.5024992.3S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
29.8748.57.50414161.1S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
29.8797.47.5026811.7S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
30.00300.256773.9S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
30.0029.30.3761172.6S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
30.00460.374743.9S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
30.00310.5561641.9S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
30.00310.5561643.2S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
30.0045.70.5541102.6S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
30.0030.70.7562261.3S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
30.0030.70.7562262.3S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
30.0046.70.7541472S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
30.0046.70.7541473.4S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
30.0093.30.752713.1S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
30.00311.1063290.9S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
30.00311.1063291.6S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
30.0046.71.1042161.3S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
30.0046.71.1042162.3S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
30.0094.71.1021032.1S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
30.0094.71.1021033.6S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
30.00311.5064481.2S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
30.0046.71.5042951S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
30.0046.71.5042951.7S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
30.0093.71.5021421.5S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
30.0093.71.5021422.6S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
30.0047.32.2044261.2S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
30.0095.32.2022041.1S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
30.0095.32.2022041.8S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
30.0095.73.0022771.4S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
30.0095.74.0023701S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
30.5130.53.0069113.5S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
30.5131.54.00611772.7S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
30.5147.24.0047773.9S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
30.5131.55.50616191.9S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
30.5147.55.50410612.8S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
30.5131.87.50621851.4S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
30.5147.57.50414472.1S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
30.5195.47.5026963.2S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
30.5131.811.00632041S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
30.5147.211.00421371.4S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
30.5148.315.00428451.1S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
31.7829.31.1063483S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
31.7829.31.5064752.2S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
31.7844.11.5043123.2S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
31.7829.32.2066961.5S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
31.7844.72.2044512.2S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
31.78902.2022163.5S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
31.7829.33.0069491.1S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
31.7844.73.0046151.6S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
31.7890.33.0022942.6S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
31.7845.34.0048091.2S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
31.7890.34.0023921.9S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
31.7845.65.50411050.9S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
31.7891.65.5025311.4S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
31.7891.67.5027251S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
32.05303.0069273S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
32.05304.00612372.3S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
32.05305.50617001.7S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
32.0545.25.50411152.4S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
32.0530.37.50622951.7S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
32.0545.27.50415201.8S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
32.0544.911.00422451.6S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
32.054615.00429881.2S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
32.0545.918.50436981S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
32.4028.71.5064843.3S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
32.4028.72.2067102.2S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
32.4043.82.2044603.3S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
32.4028.73.0069681.6S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
32.4043.83.0046282.4S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
32.4088.63.0023003.8S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
32.4029.64.00612501.3S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
32.4044.44.0048251.8S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
32.4088.64.0024002.8S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
32.4029.65.50617190.9S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
32.4044.85.50411271.3S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
32.4089.85.5025422.1S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
32.4044.87.50415361S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
32.4089.87.5027391.5S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
32.5527.60.256843.8S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
32.55270.3761272.5S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
32.5542.40.374803.7S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
32.5528.60.5561781.8S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
32.5542.10.5541202.5S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
32.5586.30.552564S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
32.5528.30.7562461.3S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
32.55430.7541601.9S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
32.55860.752772.9S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
32.5529.21.1063490.9S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
32.55431.1042341.3S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
32.5587.31.1021122S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
32.55431.5043200.9S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
32.5586.31.5021541.5S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
32.5587.92.2022221S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
32.7628.43.0069783.2S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
32.7629.34.00612642.5S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
32.76444.0048343.6S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
32.7629.35.50617381.8S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
32.7644.35.50411392.6S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
32.7629.67.50623451.3S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
32.7644.37.50415531.9S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
32.7688.87.5027473S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
32.7629.611.00634400.9S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
32.764411.00422941.3S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
32.764515.00430541S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
33.0027.30.256853.7S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
33.0026.70.3761282.5S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
33.0041.80.374813.7S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
33.0028.20.5561811.7S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
33.0041.50.5541212.5S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
33.0085.20.552573.9S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
33.0027.90.7562491.3S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
33.0042.40.7541621.9S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
33.0084.80.752782.9S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
33.0042.41.1042381.3S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
33.0086.11.1021132S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
33.0042.41.5043240.9S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
33.0085.21.5021561.4S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
33.0086.72.2022251S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
33.4427.83.0069993.2S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
33.4428.74.00612902.4S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
33.4443.14.0048523.5S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
33.4428.75.50617741.8S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
33.4443.45.50411632.6S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
33.44297.50623941.3S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
33.4443.47.50415861.9S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
33.44877.5027633S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
33.4443.111.00423421.3S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
33.4444.115.00431181S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
33.5727.70.5561803.5S Series Cast IronS06335PDF Basket
33.5727.40.7562482.5S Series Cast IronS06335PDF Basket
33.5741.70.7541613.7S Series Cast IronS06335PDF Basket
33.5727.71.1063601.8S Series Cast IronS06335PDF Basket
33.5741.71.1042372.5S Series Cast IronS06335PDF Basket
33.5784.61.1021134S Series Cast IronS06335PDF Basket
33.5741.71.5043231.9S Series Cast IronS06335PDF Basket
33.5783.71.5021552.9S Series Cast IronS06335PDF Basket
33.5785.22.2022242S Series Cast IronS06335PDF Basket
33.7928.77.50624193.3S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
33.7928.711.00635482.2S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
33.7942.611.00423663.2S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
33.792915.00647891.7S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
33.7943.715.00431502.4S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
33.792918.50659071.3S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
33.7943.518.50438991.9S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
33.792922.00670241.1S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
33.7943.522.00446361.6S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
33.7943.730.00463011.2S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
33.7943.937.00477191S Series Cast IronS15290PDF Basket
33.9327.40.5561863.1S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
33.9327.10.7562562.2S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
33.9341.30.7541673.2S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
33.9327.41.1063721.5S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
33.9341.31.1042442.2S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
33.9383.41.1021173.5S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
33.9327.41.5065071.1S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
33.9341.31.5043331.6S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
33.9382.81.5021602.5S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
33.9341.92.2044821.1S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
33.9384.32.2022311.8S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
33.9384.63.0023141.3S Series Cast IronS06235PDF Basket
34.0926.40.256883.6S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
34.0925.80.3761332.4S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
34.0940.50.374843.6S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
34.0927.30.5561871.7S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
34.0940.20.5541252.4S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
34.0982.40.552593.8S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
34.09270.7562571.2S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
34.0941.10.7541671.8S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
34.0982.10.752812.8S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
34.0941.11.1042461.2S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
34.0983.31.1021171.9S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
34.0941.71.5043300.9S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
34.0982.41.5021611.4S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
34.2228.13.0069903S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
34.2228.14.00613202.3S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
34.2228.15.50618151.7S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
34.2242.45.50411902.4S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
34.2228.37.50624501.7S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
34.2242.47.50416231.8S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
34.2228.311.00635941.1S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
34.2242.111.00423971.6S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
34.2243.115.00431911.2S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
34.224318.50439491S Series Cast IronS14270PDF Basket
34.9126.40.7562644S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
34.9126.61.1063822.7S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
34.9126.61.1063823.8S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
34.9126.61.5065212S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
34.9126.61.5065212.8S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
34.9140.11.5043432.9S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
34.9126.62.2067651.4S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
34.9126.62.2067651.9S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
34.9140.72.2044962S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
34.9140.72.2044962.8S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
34.9181.92.2022383.2S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
34.9126.63.00610431S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
34.9126.63.00610431.4S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
34.9140.73.0046761.5S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
34.9140.73.0046762.1S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
34.9182.23.0023232.3S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
34.9182.23.0023233.3S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
34.9127.54.00613471.1S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
34.9141.34.0048891.1S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
34.9141.34.0048891.6S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
34.9182.24.0024301.7S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
34.9182.24.0024302.4S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
34.9141.55.50412141.2S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
34.9183.45.5025841.3S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
34.9183.45.5025841.8S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
34.9183.47.5027961.3S Series Cast IronS10250PDF Basket
35.2026.43.00610513S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
35.2027.34.00613582.3S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
35.2040.94.0048963.3S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
35.2027.35.50618671.7S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
35.2041.25.50412242.5S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
35.2082.75.5025893.8S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
35.2027.67.50625201.2S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
35.2041.27.50416691.8S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
35.2082.77.5028032.8S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
35.2040.911.00424651.2S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
35.2041.915.00432820.9S Series Cast IronS12260PDF Basket
35.5025.90.7562683.9S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
35.5026.21.1063892.7S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
35.5039.41.1042563.9S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
35.5026.21.5065302S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
35.5039.41.5043492.9S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
35.5026.22.2067781.4S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
35.50402.2045042S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
35.5080.62.2022423.1S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
35.5026.23.00610601S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
35.50403.0046881.5S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
35.5080.83.0023282.3S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
35.5040.64.0049041.1S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
35.5080.84.0024381.7S Series Cast IronS08240PDF Basket
36.5024.70.256924S Series Cast IronS05330PDF Basket
36.5024.10.3761392.6S Series Cast IronS05330PDF Basket
36.5037.80.374884S Series Cast IronS05330PDF Basket
36.5025.50.5561961.9S Series Cast IronS05330PDF Basket
36.5037.50.5541322.7S Series Cast IronS05330PDF Basket
36.5025.20.7562701.4S Series Cast IronS05330PDF Basket
36.5038.40.7541762S Series Cast IronS05330PDF Basket
36.5076.70.752853.1S Series Cast IronS05330PDF Basket
36.5025.51.1063910.9S Series Cast IronS05330PDF Basket
36.5038.41.1042571.4S Series Cast IronS05330PDF Basket
36.5077.51.1021232.1S Series Cast IronS05330PDF Basket
36.5038.41.5043511S Series Cast IronS05330PDF Basket
36.50771.5021691.6S Series Cast IronS05330PDF Basket
36.5078.42.2022431.1S Series Cast IronS05330PDF Basket
36.5524.60.256943.7S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
36.5524.10.3761422.4S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
36.5537.80.374903.7S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
36.5525.40.5562001.7S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
36.5537.50.5541352.5S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
36.5576.90.552633.9S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
36.5525.20.7562761.3S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
36.5538.30.7541791.8S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
36.5576.60.752872.9S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
36.5538.31.1042631.3S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
36.5577.41.1021262S Series Cast IronS05230PDF Basket
36.5538.31.5043590.9S Series Cast IronS05230