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Optidrive E3 General Purpose Drive


Optidrive E3 General Purpose Drive

General Purpose Variable Speed Drive, 0.37 – 37kW

Compact, reliable and easy to use. Simply power on and the Optidrive E3 is up and running, providing precise motor control and energy savings using the factory settings. Available in either an IP20 enclosure for panel mounting or IP66 tough enclosure for direct machine mounting, either indoors or outdoors.



110-115v Single phase up to 1.1kW, 200-240v single phase up to 4kW, 200-240v three phase up to 11kW or 380-480v three phase up to 37kW


IP20 Panel mount, IP66 Enclosed or IP66 Enclosed with local isolator, direction switch and speed potentiometer


Sensorless vector control, application macros for industrial, fan or pump use, built in Modbus and CANopen, built in keypad and EMC filter


Two year manufacturers warranty combined with dedicated telephone technical support to help deal with any issues and get you up and running

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