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Warner Electric

A global frontrunner in developing ground-breaking electromagnetic clutch and brake solutions.

More about Warner Electric

Born in 1927, this brand has continued to expand its reach and influence across industries, revolutionizing the way we harness and utilize power.

Warner Electric’s team of expert engineers employ the latest materials and cutting-edge manufacturing technologies to design clutches and brakes that are not only durable and easy to use but also cater to a myriad of challenging applications. With recent advancements such as the Power Take Off (PTO) Bell Housing clutch for offshore energy OEMs and innovative solutions for electrifying drivetrains, Warner Electric is continuously pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of electromagnetic brakes and clutches​.

Betech, an established UK distributor with over 30 years of experience, is proud to be a Warner Electric Distribution Partner. Our commitment to providing exceptional quality products, technical support, and unrivalled service to our customers aligns perfectly with the values upheld by Warner Electric. Our vast stock availability and reliable logistics are designed to meet and exceed the expectations of both resale customers and larger OEMs, ensuring that the right solution is always within reach, no matter how demanding the application​.

With a shared vision of unparalleled quality and customer satisfaction, Betech and Warner Electric are dedicated to delivering not just products, but comprehensive power solutions that drive success and innovation.

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