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We use a customised and seamlessly integrated ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system from ENAPPS to meet your service requirements effectively.

Enapps ERP software harmoniously connects and unifies all our operational processes across different departments in our company through a single application. This integration is pivotal because it enables all relevant departments within our company to collaborate using the most current and accurate information available.

When you contact us, our phone system is seamlessly linked with our ERP platform, recognizing your phone number. This action brings up your comprehensive details on our screen, displaying all relevant information in one place, including inquiries, live and archived quotes, pending orders, outstanding orders, and real-time or virtual stock levels (stock in transit to us). As a result, we can promptly provide you with a quote, send it to you while discussing urgency, and enable you to make quick decisions to resolve your issue without any unnecessary delay.

This streamlined approach enhances our efficiency, which in turn positively impacts the quality of service you receive.

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