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A lot of people often just look for the ISO 9001 stamp on a website to confirm a potential supplier is compliant, but what does our certification do for you, our customer?

ISO 9001 covers several very important aspects of a business, but most importantly it zooms in our focus on you, the customer, and how we can improve your experience, and keep you coming back to us.

Everything from how we control and protect your information in our database, to how your order is checked, packed and shipped is monitored through our quality management system (QMS).

Part of the QMS is a set of procedures which are used every day in the business, and these are regularly reviewed and updated in line with ISO 9001 requirements, and means that each member of our staff will give you the same level of service you would expect from any of us.

If we have had the pleasure of receiving an order from you, you may have received one of our customer feedback forms. These are regularly sent to customers, as feedback is extremely important to us if we want to continue to improve our business.

Our warehouse staff have visited the Motovario factory in Italy for full training. Each in-house built geared motor is tested for speed (accuracy), that the noise levels are within tolerance, and air tested to ensure they are leak-free before dispatch, and traceability from our warehouse to your door is second to none.

One of the most important parts of ISO 9001 is that it ensures quality products will be delivered to our customers, due to the extensive protocols our products go through.

Our aim is a seamless customer experience, and top-of-the-range product, and ISO 9001 helps us to do just that!

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