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Dedicated to drives for over 25 Years

Optidrive variable frequency drives accurately control a wide range of electric motor types used in various applications. With fast and easy set-up and commissioning, they create energy-saving solutions in industries worldwide.

Invertek Drives and its Optidrive variable frequency drive range have become synonymous with durable, reliable, and accurate electric motor and pump control technology.

This year the UK-based company celebrates its 25th anniversary – a quarter of a century at the forefront of designing and manufacturing innovative VFD products that help create energy efficient solutions in a wide range of applications and industries globally.

Since 1998, Invertek Drives has focussed solely on the development and manufacture of VFDs. It has been this strategic focus that has led to the creation of its Optidrive E3, P2, Eco, Coolvert, Compact and Elevator VFDs capable of being used with any motor type – Synchronous Reluctance (SynRM), Induction (IM), AC Permanent Magnet (PM), and Brushless DC

“Invertek has always had a clear vision. Focus on what we do best… variable frequency drives. Our investment is solely in the development and continual improvement of our VFD products. That is why our Optidrive range continues to be chosen as THE drive for motor and pump control solutions globally,” said Rhydian Welson, Sales and Marketing Director at Invertek Drives.

“From our early models to our current range, we have ensured our drives can be easily set-up and commissioned with minimal fuss, no matter what the application. The sooner they are up-and-running, the sooner they are creating energy savings and efficiencies in the processes they are being used on.”

The E3 is a general-purpose drive with easy control for all motor types, with inbuilt industrial, pump, and fan modes. The P2 is designed for advanced motor control for demanding applications and includes onboard PLC functionality. The Eco range is application specific, with dedicated fan and pump control features including the unique Optiflow technology.

Optidrive Coolvert is a high performance drive specifically for BLDC compressors, heat pumps and CDUs and is dedicated to OEMs. 

Established in Welshpool, Powys, UK, Invertek has grown rapidly. In 2019 it opened a new 5,500sq metres global manufacturing and distribution facility at its headquarters. In 2023, work started creating a 2,771sq metres extension to allow production to increase to more than 1.2 million drives per year.

This is part of a £10 million investment that includes a new Application and Training Centre which will be officially opened in June. A further £6.3 million has been committed to the creation of a new world-class Innovation Centre where the next generation VFD technology will be developed.

This has all been made possible following Invertek’s acquisition in 2019 by Sumitomo Heavy Industries. SHI has committed to the growth and development of the business in the UK and globally.

Shaun Dean, CEO of Invertek Drives Ltd, as well as and Senior Vice President of Sumitomo Heavy Industries and CEO of PTC EMEIA HQ, said the latest investment would create one of the most modern VFD Innovation facilities in the world.

He said: “The new Innovation Centre will be a hub for the design of our next generation technology. Our Optidrive VFD products are recognised worldwide for their effectiveness in efficient motor control, as well as their durability and ease of use.

“This is part of the continuing investment being made locally in Wales by Sumitomo Heavy Industries and Invertek Drives.”

And that’s not the end of the story. Invertek Drives is committed to creating the next generation of energy-saving VFD products to help further reduce harmful CO2 emissions, leading to a reduction in climate change.