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Worm Gearboxes


Worm Gearboxes

LWPC/LWBC Cast Iron Series & LACX Aluminium Series. Up to 1025Nm Torque / 18.5kW / 45mm Shaft.

Pujol provide a wide selection of worm gearboxes in both cast iron and aluminium casings. Pujol worm gear units now combine robust design with Motovario NMRV components to provide a quality, reliable gearbox you can depend on.



Cast iron available in 6 sizes ranging from 14 to 45mm Output Bore. Aluminium series available in 14 to 42mm Hollow Bore.


Cast iron series up to 1025Nm output torque, 18.5kW input power. Aluminium series up to 680Nm output torque, 11.5kW input power.


Worm gearboxes available from 5:1 to 100:1 depending on size, double worm combinations possible for ratios up to 5000:1


All Pujol worm gearboxes and geared motors are supplied with a two year manufacturer's warranty for peace of mind.

The LWPC & LWBC Cast Iron series is available in 6 sizes as foot, flange or universal mounting, depending on size. It provides a more robust alternative for applications where an aluminium casing gearbox may not be suitable, without having to select a more costly Bevel Helical option. The LACX aluminium series is a cost effective worm gearbox available in 7 casing sizes and ideal for low power applications such as small conveyors.


 Pujol Inline L SERIES Catalogue

Pujol Inline L SERIES Catalogue

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