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Joe Banks


Introducing our new member of the internal sales team - Joe Banks

Joe joins us as a trainee from the wholesale car parts industry. He’s a fast learner and already helping lots of customers with geared motors and drives already.

Joe has a firm interest in boxing training with both professional boxers as well as teaching kids boxing classes himself.

New Product

Motovario offers a wide range of gearmotors suitable to operate in humid and corrosive environments, such as food industry (meat, fish, fruit and vegetables), pharmaceutical industry and marine applications.

Clean Duty

Motor and gear reducer are designed and manufactured with treatments able to increase their resistance and reliability characteristics and ensure resistance to wear using specific products for environment sanitisation.

The chemical treatment applied to the gear reducer casing, and the use of AISI stainless steel components make CLEAN DUTY a product suitable for various application requirements.

The chemical treatment and the use of the round casing effectively prevent water and dirt from stagnating and depositing.

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Need Nema?

We are the UK's Leading Supplier of Nema Frame electric motors

Up to 100hp Nema Frame General Purpose and Severe Duty Motors available for delivery in under 5 working days

General Purpose Motors

Baldor-Reliance general purpose motors meet or exceed energy efficiency requirements whilst delivering high starting torque, overload capability and superior reliability. They are available as three phase, single phase or as braked motors in NEMA frame sizes.

General Pupose Motors
Severe Duty Motors

Baldor-Reliance severe duty motors include features designed to protect your critical process against contamination, moisture, vibration and corrosion. These motors use Super-E premium efficient electrical designs, which are built to handle demanding duty cycles, provide high starting and peak torques, and operate over wide speed ranges.

Severe Duty Motors
Baldor Reliance
ABB Value Provider
You want OIL with that!

All our units supplied fully lubricated as standard meaning it arrives on site ready to run with no hidden costs.

As a Motovario Assembly Centre, we are officially certified to build a wide range of quality geared motors for fast delivery. Having undergone extensive training and invested in the latest tooling, testing equipment and huge component stock, we can quickly build thousands of different selections of Motovario geared motors for same or next day delivery. With two strategically placed locations within the mainland UK, Motovario Electric Motors, Gearboxes and Variable Speed Drives are never far out of reach.

Every gearbox we supply goes through a rigorous quality procedure to ensure it meets the same high standards as the main factory in Italy. We also provide all gear units lubricated, meaning it is ready to fit when it arrives on site.

Stocking in component form gives us maximum flexibility, with thousands of possible combinations of geared motors available for same or next day delivery. Many selections are available for despatch within 1 hour of receiving an order.

Our components are made in Europe and our gearboxes are assembled and test in the UK. We follow rigorous quality procedures ensuring every geared motor built conforms to the same high standards as the main factory. Once assembled each gearbox is subjected to high pressure testing ensuring complete gearbox/seal integrity, each unit is individually noise checked and motor run in both directions before being certified with an individual serial number ready for despatch.