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Solar Application

Solar Systems: A Symphony Orchestrated by Geared Motors In the realm of solar energy, a quiet revolution brews, powered by the unassuming yet pivotal geared motors. These components, often overlooked, are pivotal in transforming solar panels from passive sunbathers into active energy harvesters. The Precision Dance of Solar Tracking Picture a ballet dancer, gracefully poised […]

Conveyor Application

Conveyor Applicaton Selecting the right geared motor for your conveyor is like choosing the heart for a machine. The right geared motor will ensure the products move efficiently and safely. Sized incorrectly, the geared motor may be able to move the product, or could move at wrong speed. What information is needed to size the […]

Hot Off The Press: September 2023

Hot Off The Press September 2023 B103 Bevel gearbox with solid input for next day delivery Clean Geartech geared motors H082 gearbox with 5.5KW motor complete with force vent kit for same day delivery

Motovario Clean Duty Application

CLEAN DUTY is a solution developed by Motovario for the food industry and for all fields of application that require very high standards of hygiene.

Invertek case study

The implementation of variable frequency drives at a biomass plant in Brazil has resulted in increased efficiency, lower energy consumption, and reduced emissions.

Sprint Electric replacing discontinued small DC drives

Are you being driven mad? Replacing discontinued small DC Drives Some suppliers have made the decision to review their product lines and have discontinued small DC Drives in their ranges. Pre-pandemic, we were aware that a certain manufacturer took the decision to discontinue their larger DC Drives. Recently we have seen a surge of enquiries […]

Invertek drives for a cooler planet

Drives for a cooler planet. The critical role of variable frequency drives in reducing energy consumption Optidrive variable frequency drives help match motor speeds to the exact requirements of each application, saving energy and providing improved control. With the global economy predicted to more than double by 2050 the need to balance economic growth with […]