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Hot Off The Press: November 2023

Hot Off The Press November 2023 X3 Clean Geartech stainless steel worm gearboxes being shipped to Phoenix, Arizona Two four stage geared motors for a water treatment application, final output speed just under 1rpm Four geared motors for next day delivery to a bakery Five HA32 foot mounted Geared motors Three 45KW motors heading out […]

Hot Off The Press: October 2023

Hot Off The Press October 2023 New generation of Clean-Geartech stainless steel gearboxes assembled and ready to ship H102 gearbox with 5.5kw motor built for same day collection. 250kW TECO drive for extract fan application 4 Stage Bevel Helical Gearbox, Motovario B083 with HRF041 complete with 3ph motor and torque arm In-line Helical HA62 with […]

Betech visit to Motovario S.p.A

Betech visit to Motovario S.p.A On the second part of our recent visit to Italy we travelled to Formigine, the home of Motovario.¬† The hugely impressive production facility produces thousands of gearboxes each day. Our Warehouse Manager Ian Brownett spent two days taking part in our latest MAC (Motovario Assembly Centre) training, assembling gearboxes from […]

Betech were delighted to visit the new Clean-Geartech factory nr Vicenza, Italy.

Betech were delighted to visit the new Clean-Geartech factory nr Vicenza, Italy. Sales Director Joe Lane and Warehouse Manager Ian Brownett spent two days visiting the new site dedicated to the production of Clean-Geartech products as well as the main Hydromec factory where some of the processes take place such as gear cutting. Clean-Geartech moved […]

Waste Water Application

waste water treatment planr

Waste Water Applicaton Wastewater treatment is a complex yet essential process that safeguards our environment and public health. At its core, this process involves the meticulous removal of both organic and inorganic contaminants from wastewater sources, including effluents and domestic sewage. Electric motors and geared motors play an indispensable role in this endeavour, powering the […]

Solar Application

Solar Systems: A Symphony Orchestrated by Geared Motors In the realm of solar energy, a quiet revolution brews, powered by the unassuming yet pivotal geared motors. These components, often overlooked, are pivotal in transforming solar panels from passive sunbathers into active energy harvesters. The Precision Dance of Solar Tracking Picture a ballet dancer, gracefully poised […]

Conveyor Application

Conveyor Applicaton Selecting the right geared motor for your conveyor is like choosing the heart for a machine. The right geared motor will ensure the products move efficiently and safely. Sized incorrectly, the geared motor may be able to move the product, or could move at wrong speed. What information is needed to size the […]

Hot Off The Press: September 2023

Hot Off The Press September 2023 B103 Bevel gearbox with solid input for next day delivery Clean Geartech geared motors H082 gearbox with 5.5KW motor complete with force vent kit for same day delivery