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Baldor-Reliance DC Motors

DC Motors 0.25 – 3000HP

Select a Baldor Reliance Product

Baldor-Reliance DC motors offer performance and reliability in tough applications, with permanent magnet NEMA or IEC frame motors up to 5HP and wound field NEMA or square frame motors up to 3000HP.

ABB produce a wide range of DC motors. Small round frame DC motors utilise permanent magnet technology, optimising the commutator, brushes and inertia to ensure the best performance possible. Square frame laminated, wound field motors are designed for larger applications with superior commutation through the speed range to ensure trouble free operation and easy maintenance.

PM DC motors up to 3HP. Laminated square frame IEC or NEMA motors up to 3000HP. Variety of base speeds.

Permanent magnet 90 or 180VA with possibility for low voltage or battery supply. Wound field up to 600V.

DC Motor Features

Larger motors feature thermal protection, speed feedback, vibration detection and other monitoring, brush wear systems.

DC Motor Applications

Pulp and paper processing, extruders, conveyors, test stands, stamping presses, crane and hoist, rolling mills, machine tools.