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Explosion Proof Motors


Explosion Proof Motors

Motors designed for explosive environments 0.25 – 300HP

Baldor-Reliance explosion proof motors are certified for use in hazardous locations or potentially hazardous environments where concentrations of combustible gases, vapours or dusts may be present.



Available in single three or phase TEFC or ODP NEMA frames, with construction tailored to the pump application including standard foot and c-face, JM type, JP type etc.


Available from 0.5-300HP. 2,4 or 6 Poles. Single phase voltages 110-230V or three phase voltages from 230 to 575V, 60 or 50Hz frequency.


UL & CSA approved for Class I Division I locations. Available for DOL or Inverter use. Foot, C-Face or NEMA D-Flange mountings available on request.


Pumps, fans, conveyors, material handling, on and off shore rig service applications in UL and/or CSA listed hazardous locations.

These motors meet UL or CSA standards for use in division based hazardous locations per NFPA70 national electric code and C22.1, the Canadian Electric Code. They are also sometimes specified for use in the Middle East.

Baldor-Reliance explosion proof motors are available in a variety of versions including general purpose, severe duty, drill rig duty, pump mounting and inverter duty.

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