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Variable Speed Motors


Variable Speed Motors

Variable Speed Motors 0.33 – 1000HP

Baldor-Reliance variable speed motors are specifically designed for variable speed control. The platform provides constant torque across the entire operating speed range in traditional NEMA and IEC designs or a power dense laminated steel square frame.



Available in three phase. NEMA, IEC or laminated square frames and a variety of cooling methods from TENV to TEBC.


Available from 0.33-1000HP. 2 or 4 Poles. Three phase voltages from 230 to 575V, 60 or 50Hz frequency. Up to 1000:1 constant torque use.


Unique design keeps frame sizes compact. Open or closed loop vector control. RPM AC provides the ultimate in power density performance.


Centrifugal pumps and fans, plastic extruders, winders, cranes and hoists, traction, oil drilling, test stands, cooling towers, heat exchangers

Rather than modifying standard motors with forced cooling or derating, these are motors specifically designed for wide speed ranges. The range includes options for inverter duty open loop or vector duty closed loop vector control and can provide continuous constant torque performance over a 1000:1 speed range.


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