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ABB NEMA GP100 General Purpose Motors

Ruggedness, reliability, performance and efficiency

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GP100 is a new line of ABB NEMA cast-iron motors that utilize the same design philosophy that goes into the design of our renowned severe duty line of motors… ruggedness, reliability, performance and efficiency. 

The design provides high structural strength through the use of finite element analysis to strategically place material within each component to resist the effects of stress and vibration. Materials for resistance to corrosion are liberally used throughout for long life in a wide variety of industrial applications.

ABB NEMA GP100 General Purpose Motor Features

ABB’s NEMA Motors offer a comprehensive suite of features tailored to meet a wide range of industrial needs. With power options spanning from 1 to 200 Hp (0.75 to 150 kW) and NEMA frame sizes ranging from 143 to 449, these motors provide versatility for various applications. 

Operating at voltages of 230/460, 460, and 575 volts and available in 2, 4, 6, and 8 pole configurations, they ensure precise performance tailored to specific speed requirements. 

They feature IP54 (280-449 frame) and IP55 ratings, offering robust protection against environmental factors. Equipped with bearings lubricated for life in 143T – 256T frames, these motors require minimal maintenance, enhancing their longevity. 

Their durable cast iron frame design, coupled with terminal boxes crafted from aluminum, stamped steel, or cast iron depending on frame size, ensures resilience in demanding conditions. Zinc-plated hardware and epoxy paint coatings further bolster corrosion resistance, while Class F insulation and adherence to NEMA Class B temperature rise standards guarantee safe and efficient operation. 

The GP100 motors meet inverter duty specifications per NEMA MG1 Part 31, supporting variable torque (VT) up to 20:1 and constant torque (CT) up to 4:1 applications, making them ideal choices for demanding industrial environments.

ABB NEMA GP100 General Purpose Motor Applications

ABB NEMA Motors stand at the forefront of industrial and commercial applications, offering unparalleled versatility and reliability across a broad spectrum of functions. 

From driving conveyors to powering pumps, fans, compressors, and gear reducers, these motors serve as the backbone of countless critical operations.

Whether in industrial settings such as manufacturing plants, warehouses, or commercial environments like office buildings and retail spaces, ABB NEMA Motors deliver the precise performance necessary to keep operations running smoothly. 

Their robust design, advanced engineering, and adaptability make them indispensable across various industries, underscoring ABB’s commitment to innovation and excellence in motor technology.

Frequently asked questions

ABB NEMA Motors find widespread application across a diverse range of industries, playing integral roles in material handling, unit and baggage handling, air handling systems, food and beverage processing, aggregate and cement production, pulp and paper manufacturing, as well as metals and foundry operations. Whether it’s efficiently moving goods, ensuring smooth operation of airport facilities, maintaining optimal air circulation, processing food and beverages, managing construction materials, facilitating paper production, or driving metalworking processes, these motors demonstrate versatility and reliability in meeting the unique demands of each sector.