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ABB SD100 NEMA Severe Duty Motors

Designed and built for long, trouble-free life in harsh environments.

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A new line of ABB NEMA cast-iron motors, the SD100, used in severe duty applications are designed and built for long, trouble-free life in harsh environments. 

Industries – in chemical processing, mining, foundry, pulp and paper, waste management, and more- trust their operation to SD100. They are available with a wide selection of application-matched modifications to meet specific needs, ambient conditions and installation requirements. 

These industrial workhorses are rugged and efficient, ensuring performance in the most severe operating environments.

ABB NEMA SD100 Severe Duty Motor Features

ABB’s SD100 NEMA Motors embody a formidable combination of power and resilience, catering to a wide range of industrial demands. 

With a horsepower range from 1 to 400 Hp (0.75 to 298 kW) and NEMA frame sizes spanning from 143 to S449SS, these motors offer versatility across various applications. 

Operating at voltages of 230/460, 460, and 575 volts, they accommodate diverse power requirements. Available in 2, 4, 6, and 8 pole configurations, these motors deliver precise performance tailored to specific speed needs. Featuring an IP55 rating, they offer robust protection against dust and water ingress. 

Their durable cast iron frame design ensures longevity in demanding environments, complemented by Class I, Division 2, and optional Class II, Division 2 standards for hazardous locations. 

The diagonally split oversized terminal box, zinc-plated hardware, and epoxy paint coating provide added durability and corrosion resistance. With Class F insulation and adherence to NEMA Class B temperature rise standards, these motors guarantee safe and efficient operation. 

They also meet inverter duty specifications per NEMA MG1 Part 31, supporting variable torque (VT) up to 20:1 and constant torque (CT) up to 20:1 on 140-360 frame sizes and 4:1 on other frame sizes, making them an ideal choice for demanding industrial applications.

ABB NEMA SD100 Severe Duty Motor Applications

ABB NEMA Motors stand as stalwarts in the realm of industrial and commercial applications, offering unparalleled performance across a spectrum of functions.

From powering conveyors to driving pumps, fans, compressors, and gear reducers, these motors are the backbone of numerous critical operations. With a robust design and advanced engineering, they ensure reliable and efficient operation even in the most demanding environments. 

Whether in factories, warehouses, or commercial spaces, ABB NEMA Motors deliver the power and precision necessary to keep operations running smoothly.

The versatility of the ABB SD100 severe duty motor makes them indispensable across a wide array of industries, underscoring ABB’s commitment to innovation and excellence in motor technology.

Frequently asked questions

ABB NEMA Motors find extensive utility across a diverse spectrum of industries, including bulk material handling, chemical, oil and gas, water and waste treatment, aggregate and cement, pulp and paper, as well as metals and foundries. Whether facilitating the movement of materials in bulk, powering critical processes in chemical and oil refineries, managing water treatment and waste disposal systems, supporting construction and infrastructure projects, enabling paper production, or driving operations in metalworking and foundry environments, these motors demonstrate their versatility and reliability across a broad array of industrial applications.