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Clean-Geartech VFD Series

Aluminium Worm Gearbox

Betech Clean=Geartech VFD Series Aluminium Worm Gearboxes

VFD Standard Series worm gearboxes are Clean-Geartech’s most economical solution for basic cleaning applications.  With a completely smooth, unpainted aluminium casing, it can be provided with a standard cast iron or stainless steel output bore.

VFD NTT Series is the standard series with an upgraded outer protective coating.  This gearbox is suitable for light water washdown and is more capable of resisting corrosion than a standard unpainted or painted aluminium worm gearbox.

VFD Painted series is provided with a special protective white paint, providing a good level of protection in medium-aggressive environments such as marine applications.  Whilst a standard unpainted aluminium worm gearbox can show signs of corrosion in the first 100 hours during a salt spray test, this painted solution has been proven to show no signs of corrosion after 1200 hours.

VFD Series Aluminium Worm Gearbox Features

VFD Series worm gearboxes are available in 5 casing sizes rated for up to 350Nm with standard hollow bore sizes 14mm through to 35mm, with several optional bores available on request.  The casing is interchangeable with several other brands of worm gearboxes making upgrading existing applications easier than ever before. 

Each of the VFD series gearboxes can be provided with standard cast iron hollow shaft or AISI 316L stainless steel shaft.  They are also available as IP66 rated with standard or viton seals, or with Clean-Geartech’s innovative twin shielded seals for IP69K protection.  Each size is available with a range of mounting options such as torque arms and output flanges.

The range is complimented by the RCD211D helical stage multiplier, for achieving lower output speeds where needed.

VFD Series Aluminium Worm Gearbox Applications

Best suited for applications that come are in the proximity of the processing product and are subjected to more basic sanitisation procedures in areas such as such as meat and poultry, fish and seafood processing, fruit and vegetables, dairy production, beverages, bakery applications and marine.