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Replacing discontinued small DC Drives

Some suppliers have made the decision to review their product lines and have discontinued small DC Drives in their ranges. Pre-pandemic, we were aware that a certain manufacturer took the decision to discontinue their larger DC Drives. Recently we have seen a surge of enquiries seeking available alternatives for smaller DC drives due to a further manufacturer stopping production.

Small analogue DC drives are still widely installed in numerous applications throughout the globe. Should an application be upgraded or a drive needing replacing our customers are reporting that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a manufacturer who builds to order and holds stock.

They tell us that this has been exacerbated recently by a major drives manufacturer rationalising their range and ceasing production of DC motor controllers below a certain rating. Sprint Electric DC drives are available as low as 0.35HP / 0.25KW / 3.4A.

As well as Parker (also badged as SSD & Eurotherm Drives) discontinuing their small drives, Control Techniques had already taken the decision to stop manufacturing analogue drives some years ago.

Sprint Electric DC drive equivalents

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We are confident that replacement drives can always be found. All our DC drives are manufactured in UK, wherever possible using locally sourced parts guaranteeing quality and availability.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for help on how you can find direct replacements for small analogue DC Drives available from stock now for fast delivery.