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Sprint Electric Din Rail Mount Drives

Up to 1.8kW Output Power

Welcome to our comprehensive range of Sprint Electric’s 340/680/1220 Series Din Rail Drives.

Designed to power DC motors up to 1.8kW (2.0Hp), this comprehensive collection delivers a superior combination of power, precision, and adaptability, whether you’re an existing Sprint Electric owner seeking a replacement or a larger Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) in pursuit of a solution provider.

With a variety of options ranging from 2 Quadrant (single direction, non-regenerative) to 4 Quadrant (dual direction & regenerative), as well as both isolated and non-isolated models, the 340/680/1220 Series has got you covered.

The 340/680/1220 Series is an ideal low-cost drive solution to control small brushed or permanent magnet DC motors.

Key Features

Our 340/680/1220 Series Din Rail Drives stand out in the market due to their advanced features and impeccable design.

They’re compact, making them suitable for situations where space is at a premium. The easy-to-access drive adjustments and plug-on screw terminals simplify the installation process.

The range also accommodates a wide scope of input voltage options, starting from the standard 110 – 240VAC, extending to 30V – 60VAC options that can deliver output voltage as low as 24VDC. Whether you’re handling small brushed or permanent magnet DC motors, the 340/680/1220 Series provides a cost-effective drive solution that doesn’t compromise on quality or functionality.


The 340/680/1220 Series Din Rail Drives are versatile and adaptable, finding their place in a variety of industries and applications.

Their compact and efficient design makes them suitable for integration into OEM applications, as well as retrofitting in existing systems.

These drives can efficiently control a variety of DC motors, making them ideal for applications that require precise motor speed control and energy efficiency.

Frequently asked questions

The 340/680/1220 Series Din Rail Drives are designed to control both brushed and permanent magnet DC motors up to 1.8kW (2.0Hp) output power.

The 340/680/1220 Series Din Rail Drives are available in 2 Quadrant (single direction, non-regenerative) or 4 Quadrant (dual direction & regenerative) options. They also come in both isolated and non-isolated versions.

 These drives can operate across a wide range of input voltages, from the standard 110 – 240VAC to 30V – 60VAC options, which can provide output voltage as low as 24VDC.