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Sprint Electric PL/X Series High Performance DC Drives

5kW to 1mW Output Power

Welcome to the PL/X Series — a collection of high-performance DC drives engineered by Sprint Electric to give you the utmost control in demanding motor control applications.

Ranging from 5kW to a powerful 1mW, our PL/X Series offers an extensive line-up of 2 Quadrant and 4 Quadrant models designed to control DC motors up to 2250 Amps.

With Betech, not only do you get access to this fully digital drive system but you also enjoy fast delivery, ensuring that you meet your operational deadlines.

Key Features

Versatility: Available in 5 compact chassis sizes, the PL/X Series is built to cater to a wide spectrum of power needs from 5kW to 1mW, with output currents ranging from 12 to 2250A.

Innovative Design: The PL/X Series is a fully digital drive system, offering an extraordinarily flexible operating input voltage range of 12V-500VAC as standard.

Control Options: Choose between 2 Quadrant models (single direction, non-regenerative) or 4 Quadrant models (dual direction & fully regenerative) based on your specific needs.

Advanced Software: The drives come equipped with an extensive range of software functions and application blocks to facilitate easy control. RS232 comes as standard with options for other communication protocols.


The PL/X Series is ideal for businesses and OEMs that demand the highest level of performance and control in their motor control applications. Its versatile design and advanced software make it suitable for various industries including automation, manufacturing, and utilities.

Frequently asked questions

The 2 Quadrant models allow motor operation in a single direction and are non-regenerative. In contrast, the 4 Quadrant models allow motor operation in dual directions and are fully regenerative.

The PL/X Series is designed and manufactured in the UK, and Betech provides comprehensive technical support for these drives. Get in touch with our experienced team for advice and support.

The PL/X Series comes with RS232 as a standard communication protocol. However, options for other communication protocols are also available, allowing for greater integration and interoperability with your existing systems.