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Home Products Sprint Electric 340/680/1220 Series Din Rail Drives
340/680/1220 Series Din Rail Drives

Sprint Electric

340/680/1220 Series Din Rail Drives

Up to 1.8kW Output Power

This comprehensive range of DC Drives offers both non-isolated and isolated drives up to 12.2A output current, suitable for DC motors up to 1.8kW (2.0Hp) output power.



Available in 3 sizes from up to 1.8kW or 2.0HP output power.


Compact DIN rail mounting, easy to access drive adjustments, plug on screw terminals for easy installation.


Available as 2 Quadrant (single direction, non-regenerative) or 4 Quadrant (dual direction & regenerative). Also available as isolated or non-isolated.


Designed and manufactured in the UK with comprehensive technical support.

The product range is available with a wide range of input voltage options, from the standard 110 – 240VAC through to 30V – 60VAC options that can provide output voltage down to 24VDC.  The 340/680/1220 Series is an ideal low-cost drive solution to control small brushed or permanent magnet DC motors.

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