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Chassis Mount Series DC Drives

Sprint Electric

Chassis Mount Series DC Drives

Up to 11kW output power

Sprint Electric produce a wide range of low cost, open chassis-mount DC Drives, suitable to control DC motors up to 11kW. These analogue DC Drives provide a huge variety of design options, from low cost non-isolated 1Q drives through to 4Q fast-response speed & torque control drives.



Available in 7 sizes from up to 11kW output power.


Compact open chassis mounting ideal for integrating with OEM designs. Easy to use.


Available as 2 Quadrant (single direction, non-regenerative) or 4 Quadrant (dual direction & regenerative). Also available as isolated or non-isolated.


Designed and manufactured in the UK with comprehensive technical support.

All models except the 370 feature the Sprint micro analog processor which provides many user benefits normally only seen in expensive “high end” products. The Sprint micro analog processor allows for cost saving solutions by meeting the users exact requirements and enhancing process performance.

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