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SL Series Analog DC Drives

Sprint Electric

SL Series Analog DC Drives

5kW to 145kW Output Power

Economical, compact and reliable control. The SL Series comprises a range of analogue 2 quadrant and 4 quadrant DC Drives delivering output current up to 330A to control motors up to 145kW. Specifically designed at a cost and size to benefit OEMs without any compromise in specification, reliability or performance.



Available in 5 chassis sizes from 5kW to 1mW, 12 to 2250A Output Current.


Extensive range of software functions and application blocks make control easy. RS232 as standard with other communications protocols available.


Available as 2 Quadrant (single direction, non-regenerative) or 4 Quadrant (dual direction & fully regenerative)


Designed and manufactured in the UK with comprehensive technical support.

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