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FR-D700 Series Drive

FR-D700 Series Drive 0.1 – 7,5kW

Introducing the Mitsubishi Electric FR-D700 Series Drive: a compact, high-performance variable speed drive that’s designed to optimize your operations. With a power range of 0.1kW – 7.5kW, it offers a flexible solution for both single and three-phase operations.

Despite its ultra compact dimensions, the FR-D700 series from Mitsbishi Electric features a wealth of advanced functions. It is ideal for simple drive applications in environments where space is limited and provides a cost effective solution for users and OEMs alike.

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Key Features

The FR-D700 Series Drive is a testament to Mitsubishi Electric’s commitment to innovation and functionality. Despite its compact size, it boasts a range of sophisticated features:

Ultra Compact Design: Ideal for environments where space is crucial, the FR-D700 Series Drive saves you precious room without sacrificing performance.

Intelligent Energy Optimisation: The drive is designed to maximize energy efficiency, helping you reduce operational costs and environmental impact.

Safe Torque Off (STO): This feature enhances the safety of your operations, allowing for the drive to be safely stopped when necessary.

Network Support: Integrated interfaces for Modbus RTU and RS485 make the FR-D700 series a communicative component of your operation, ensuring smooth interplay with other systems


The FR-D700 Series Drive is versatile and robust, capable of being applied in a variety of contexts. Some common applications include:

Conveyors: Enhance the efficiency and reliability of your conveyor systems with the FR-D700 Series Drive.

Packaging Machines: Improve your packaging operations with the smooth, variable speed control offered by the FR-D700.

Fans and Pumps: Benefit from the energy-saving capabilities of the FR-D700 in controlling your fans and pumps.

General Industrial Machines: For diverse industrial applications, the FR-D700 offers a reliable, efficient solution.

Automated Doors and Gates: Ensure the smooth operation of your automated doors and gates with the FR-D700’s sophisticated control.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, the FR-D700 Series Drive is compatible with both single-phase operations (100-240v 50/60Hz) and three-phase operations (200-400v 50/60Hz).

The FR-D700 Series Drive is equipped with an Intelligent Energy Optimisation feature. This advanced function optimizes the use of energy during operations, reducing overall energy consumption and contributing to cost savings.

Absolutely. The FR-D700 Series Drive has an ultra-compact design, making it an ideal choice for operations where space is at a premium.