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FR-F800 Series Drive

FR-F800 Series Drive 0.75 – 630kW

Welcome to Betech, your trusted UK-based distributor for Mitsubishi Electric’s factory automation range. We’re proud to present the FR-F800 Series Drive, a state-of-the-art variable speed drive designed for unparalleled efficiency and performance.

Whether you’re an existing Mitsubishi Electric owner seeking a reliable replacement or a larger OEM in search of a comprehensive solution, the FR-F800 Series Drive is your answer.

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Key Features

The FR-F800 Series Drive is packed with advanced features that set it apart:

  • Output Capacity: Ranges from 0.75 kW to 630 kW, catering to a wide variety of applications.
  • Power Supply: Available in both 200-240V and 380-500V models to suit your power requirements.
  • Protective Structure: IP20 (open type), IP00 (chassis type), and IP54 (enclosed type) models available.
  • Optimum Excitation Control: This energy-saving feature ensures optimal motor performance by automatically adjusting the voltage and frequency.
  • Network Compatibility: The FR-F800 is compatible with various networks, including CC-Link IE Field Network Basic, for seamless integration into your existing systems.
  • Advanced Functions for Fans and Pumps: With specialised functions for fans and pumps, the FR-F800 is perfect for HVAC applications in buildings and industries, as well as water supply and sewage treatment facilities.


The FR-F800 Series Drive is versatile and can be used in a variety of applications, including:

  • HVAC for buildings and industries
  • Water supply and sewage treatment facilities
  • Other applications requiring energy-saving and network compatibility

Frequently asked questions

The FR-F800 Series Drive stands out due to its Optimum Excitation Control for energy saving, network compatibility, and advanced functions for fans and pumps.

Yes, the FR-F800 Series Drive is designed to handle complex applications with ease, thanks to its advanced features and wide range of compatible networks.

At Betech, we provide comprehensive support and service options for all our products, including the FR-F800 Series Drive. Our team is always ready to assist you with any queries or issues you may have.