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Servo Amplifiers and Motors

Your machines deserve the best. The heartbeat of any automation system is its drive technology and, when it comes to superior performance, adaptability, and energy efficiency, Mitsubishi Electric’s MELSERVO Servo Amplifiers and Motors are second to none.

Betech, a premier distributor of Mitsubishi Electric’s factory automation range, is proud to present you with these incredible tools to elevate your operations.

The MELSERVO J4 series with its high-performance potential and wide ranging functionality scores in all areas of positioning, motion and top end control, thanks to state of the art technology in a compact package. Functions like the advanced vibration suppression system and the further improved real time auto-tuning ensure maximum precision, very short positioning times and simple installation.

The MR-JE series high performance servo amplifiers and servo motors combine proven reliability with a 2.0Khz high frequency response and an energy saving design. They offer best in class performance and setup ease with one touch tuning. Fully compliant with global standards and ready for deployment worldwide, the MR-JE series is the ideal solution for low power machine solutions.

Whether you’re an existing Mitsubishi Electric owner looking to upgrade or a large OEM seeking a comprehensive solution, the MELSERVO series is your ticket to enhanced productivity.

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Key Features

High Precision and Speed: MELSERVO Servo Amplifiers and Motors bring to the table a superior level of accuracy and speed. The motors are designed to auto-tune to both IE3/IE4 Induction Motors and Permanent Magnet (PM) motors, simplifying the setup process and boosting performance.

Built-In Features: MELSERVO products come with a rich array of built-in features such as vibration suppression control, fast torque build-up, and load-based speed control. These features enhance the user experience and extend the product’s applicability.

Compact Design: Don’t let the small footprint of these servo amplifiers and motors fool you. They pack a punch in terms of power and functionality, and their compact design makes them ideal for environments where space is a premium.

Versatile Applications: From conveyors and packaging machines to fans, pumps, automated doors, and gates – these servo systems are equipped to handle a broad range of applications with ease.


MELSERVO Servo Amplifiers and Motors are designed to be as versatile as they are powerful. Here are a few applications where they excel:

Conveyor Systems: These servo systems are perfect for controlling the speed and direction of conveyor belts in manufacturing and distribution facilities.

Packaging Machines: With their high precision and speed, MELSERVO products can enhance the efficiency of packaging machines, reducing downtime and improving productivity.

Automated Doors and Gates: Whether it’s for security or convenience, these servo systems provide the reliability and performance needed for automated doors and gates.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, they are designed to auto-tune to both types of motors, offering increased performance and reduced commissioning time.

Absolutely! Their compact design makes them perfect for tight spaces without compromising on power or functionality.

They are versatile and can be used in a variety of applications, including conveyor systems, packaging machines, fans, pumps, and automated doors and gates.