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MELSEC Programmable Controllers


MELSEC Programmable Controllers

MELSEC Programmable Controllers

The FX series of PLCs is the PLC choice across the world, industries and applications. The FX Family throughout its history from the original F series to the very latest iQ-F FX5U series has proven to be highly reliable, consistently improving its functionality.

The FX family consists of four main ranges which are distinct and independent but also compatible. Depending on your application and control needs.

IQ-F FX5U & FX5UC – The next level of Industry

The FX5U is the latest and the most powerful PLC in the FX Family. Mitsubishi Electric has given compact controllers a huge performance boost, focusing on processing power, expansion, built in functionality and positioning and motion functions.   It is capable of controlling up to 512 input/output points.

FX3U & FX3U – A Perfect PLC concept

The FX3U is the original dual system-bus, high speed, fully expandable PLC designed to seamlessly control communication, networking, analog and positioning systems. With a maximum of 384 controllable local and networked inputs/output, the FX3U uses its power and flexibility to provide a solution for a variety of applications.

FX3G, FX3GC, FX3GE – Customised Control

The FX3G is and introductory compact PLC, designed for simple yet performance critical applications. Highly flexible, it is ideal for applications with smaller input/output requirements up to 128 points. FX3GE is new addition to the range, adding built in analog input/output and Ethernet connectivity.

FX3S – Fit and Forget Micro Control

The compact, entry level FX3S offers cost effective control of small applications. It is ideal of embedded control functions that do not require monitoring or maintenance. It offers high performance from minimum size.


Controllers Brochure

Controllers Brochure

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