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Motovario Inline Helical Gearboxes

H / HA Series. Up to 55,000Nm / 45kW / 90mm Shaft.

On all Motovario Gearboxes

Motovario inline helical gearboxes feature gears cut at an angle, ensuring a smooth and quiet operation. These gearboxes are ideal for applications that require a streamlined design, as they provide a direct connection between the input and output shafts. With their efficient power transmission and low noise levels.

Designed to offer maximum performance and reliability even in the harshest operating conditions, the Motovario H series Inline Helical Gearbox is constructed from robust cast iron, with European footprint that allows interchange with other manufacturers. HA series meanwhile offers a versatile, lightweight, cost effective solution or low power applications.

Motovario Inline Helical Gearbox Features

The Motovario H Series inline gearbox is available in 8 sizes, ranging from 25mm to 90mm solid output shaft.  Available as a foot, flange or universal mount casing.  Power inputs up to 45kW.  Hardened gears and G200 grey cast iron casing ensure robust, reliable performance.

Motovario HR series inline gearboxes are single stage reduction for higher output speeds.  Available as foot, flange or universal mount casing.  Output shafts from 19mm to 55mm.  Ideal for applications such as pumps where a higher output speed is needed.

Motovario HA series is a lightweight, aluminium casing gearbox, available in output shaft sizes 20mm to 40mm.  Available as foot or flange mounted for versatile mounting arrangements.

Motovario Inline Helical Gear Box Applications

Typical applications for helical inline gearboxes would include conveyors and material handling applications, mixers, crushers, extruders, packaging machinery, food processing, water and wastewater treatment, pumps, agitators and aerators.

H Series Available Sizes

HA Series Available Sizes

Frequently asked questions

Motovario inline helical gearboxes provide a direct connection between input and output shafts, ensuring efficient power transmission and low noise levels. They’re ideal for applications that require a streamlined design and quiet operation.

Consider factors like required torque, speed, power requirements, and the specific needs of your application. Consulting with a Motovario expert can help you make an informed decision.

Regular maintenance, proper lubrication, and timely replacement of worn components are critical for ensuring the long-term performance and reliability of your gearbox.