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Motovario M Series Self-starting Synchronous Motor

Powers 0.75kW – 2.2kW

Motovario self-starting synchronous motors are known for their accuracy and reliability. These motors maintain a constant speed, regardless of load changes, making them ideal for applications that require precise motion control. With their self-starting capabilities, Motovario M Series synchronous motors ensure smooth, efficient operation in even the most demanding situations.

Motovario M Series Self-Starting Motor Features

The SELF Power motor is an ecological hybrid electric motor halfway between an asynchronous motor and a reluctance motor. After an asynchronous start-up, the motor synchronizes with the working frequency and runs synchronously at a constant speed (without encoder) regardless of the load.

Motovario M Series Self-Starting Motor Applications

The self power motor is ideally suited applications that require precise speed holding and can eliminate the need for an encoder.

Frequently asked questions

These motors are known for their accuracy and reliability, maintaining a constant speed regardless of load changes. They are ideal for applications requiring precise motion control and smooth, efficient operation.

They are commonly used in industries that require constant speed and precise motion control, such as automation, robotics, and CNC machining.

Regular inspections, proper lubrication, and timely replacement of worn components are essential for ensuring the long-term performance and reliability of an M Series self-starting synchronous motor.