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Motovario Medium Heavy Duty Gearboxes

PBZ Series. Up to 110,000Nm / 220mm Output Shaft

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Motovario medium heavy-duty gearboxes are designed to handle demanding applications with high torque and power requirements. These robust gearboxes are built to withstand harsh environments and heavy loads, ensuring reliable performance and a long service life. When you need a gearbox that can take a beating, Motovario medium heavy-duty gearboxes are the way to go.

Medium Heavy-Duty Gearbox Features

The Motovario PBZ series consists of parallel helical and bevel-helical gear reducers up to 4 reduction stages, characterised by high power density, compact size, modularity, reliability and a favourable balance between performance and strength.  PBZ is available with input shaft for coupling or housing for IEC motor connection.  A wide variety of output shafts, including solid integral low-speed shaft, hollow shaft with keyway or shrink disc devices.  Cooling systems are selected for the application and duty, from standard lubrication through to full mechanical pump systems.  Special C3, C4 and C5 paint is also available.

Medium Heavy-Duty Gearbox Applications

The PBZ series could be found on mining applications, large conveyors, large industrial equipment such as heavy duty crushers, water and wastewater technology, steel industry applications etc.

Frequently asked questions

These robust gearboxes are suitable for industries that require high torque and power, such as mining, construction, and heavy manufacturing.

Assess your application’s torque, speed, and power requirements, and consult with a Motovario expert to determine the appropriate gearbox for your specific needs.

Regular inspections, proper lubrication, and timely replacement of worn components are essential for ensuring the performance and longevity of a medium heavy-duty gearbox.