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Motovario Medium and Heavy-Duty Gear Reducers

MHD Series. Up to 110,000Nm / 220mm Output Shaft

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The MHD series from Motovario consists of parallel helical and bevel helical gear reducers of up to 4 reductions stages, and are designed for continuous, critical and arduous applications. The series is available in 10 sizes with nominal performance from 9000 to 110,000Nm, picking up where the HSB series of products leave off.

Medium Heavy-Duty Gear Reducer Features

  • Available as a PZ parallel helical reducer in 2 to 4 reduction stages or BZ bevel helical reducer in 3 to 4 reduction stages
  • Monobloc casings with high power density
  • Available for solid input shaft or bell-housing for direct motor mounting
  • Wide range of options available, tailored to the application, including custom solutions

Medium Heavy-Duty Gear Reducer Applications

The MHD series is particularly suited to heavy duty conveyors, mills and crushers, mixers, reciprocating pumps, condensers, stirrers, rotary presses and pelletising machines.

Frequently asked questions

These robust gearboxes are suitable for industries that require high torque and power, such as mining, construction, and heavy manufacturing.

Assess your application’s torque, speed, and power requirements, and consult with a Motovario expert to determine the appropriate gearbox for your specific needs.

Regular inspections, proper lubrication, and timely replacement of worn components are essential for ensuring the performance and longevity of a medium heavy-duty gearbox.