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Motovario Mechanical Variators

TXF / S Series. Up to 144nm / 7.5kW / 38mm Shaft.

On all Motovario Gearboxes

Motovario mechanical variators are adjustable speed drives that provide precise speed control for various applications. Their flexibility allows for the fine-tuning of output speed, making them ideal for situations where accuracy and customisation are key. Whether it’s for conveyor belts or production lines, Motovario mechanical variators are a versatile and reliable choice.

With great reliability developed over 50 years of production and service, the S series mechanical variator remains a valid alternative to electronic variable speed drives particularly in harsh conditions. TXF series provides a lower cost, light weight solution with excellent manual speed control.

Motovario Mechanical Variator Features

Motovario mechanical variators are available in two series.  The SF series is available in 7 sizes for powers up to 7.5kW.  The cases are constructed from G200 grey cast iron and can transmit up to 144Nm torque.  Quiet, vibration-free running with efficient bidirectional rotation.

The TXF series offers a lightweight aluminium, lower-cost solution.  Available in three casing sizes, suitable for motors up to 2.2kW and capable of transmitting up to 12Nm.

Motovario Mechanical Variator Applications

Motovario Mechanical Variators are ideal for any application where variable speed control is required but an electronic speed control is impractical.  They remain popular on agricultural and growing machinery, as well as mobile equipment or applications in remote locations.

Frequently asked questions

Motovario mechanical variators provide precise speed control, allowing for fine-tuning of output speed in applications where accuracy and customisation are essential, such as conveyor belts or production lines.

The speed of a mechanical variator can be adjusted using an external control mechanism, such as a handwheel or an electric actuator, allowing for precise control over the output speed.

Regular inspection, adequate lubrication, and prompt replacement of worn parts are crucial for ensuring the long-term performance and reliability of mechanical variators.