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HP Series - Planetary Gear Reducers

Nominal performance up to 100.000 Nm Full Range 13 Sizes

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The Pioneering New Project from Motovario

Motovario’s new range of industrial planetary gear reducers are designed to meet the needs of power transmissions that require high density torque and low rotational speeds. With 13 sizes and nominal performance from 1000 to 100,000Nm, the HPL series will offer solutions for both light and heavy duty applications. With exceptional performance, modern design and robustness, the Motovario HPL reducer will be superior to any planatery gearbox on the market today.

Planetary Gear Reducer Features

  • European production of components and supply chain ensure short lead times and lower environmental impact
  • Exceptional nominal performance thanks to a design based on new generation technologies
  • From 1 to 4 reduction stages for ratios up to nearly 3000:1
  • Modular design with a wide range of options and accessories including backstop device, torque arm, solid or hollow output shafts, splined output
    shafts and shink disc design.