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Motovario TH/TP Series Motors

Up to 7.5kW / 2-4-6 Poles / 132 Frame

Motovario three-phase motors are a common choice for industrial applications due to their high efficiency and reliable performance. Manufactured to the very latest efficiency standards, Motovario TH/TP series motors proven quality and reliability has been demonstrated on the toughest applications and harsh conditions. Ideal for use on geared motor applications, our UK stock version features RAL5010 paint finish, IP56 ingress protection and PTC thermistors as standard.

Motovario Three-Phase Motor Features

Motovario three phase motors are designed in accordance with the requirements of IEC 60034 and relevant harmonised codes.  Constructed from die cast aluminium.  Available in IEC frame sizes from 56 to 132, powers up to 7.5kW.  Class F insulation.  Supplied with PTC thermistors.  Inverter Duty.

Motovario 3-Phase motor Applications

Ideal for low power geared motor applications such as conveyors and material handling, agricultural machinery, food processing and packaging, small mixers, agitators, screw feeds.  In higher ratio selections they lend themselves to applications where backdrive needs to be prevented, such as small hoists or lifting applications.

Frequently asked questions

A three-phase motor uses three separate voltage phases to generate a continuous and balanced flow of power, providing smoother operation, reduced energy consumption, and more reliable performance compared to single-phase motors.

Some key benefits include higher efficiency, smoother operation, reduced energy consumption, and longer service life, making them a popular choice for industrial applications.

Regular maintenance, including inspections, proper lubrication, and prompt replacement of worn components, is crucial for ensuring the long-term performance and reliability of a three-phase motor.