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Mechanical Variators


Mechanical Variators

TXF / S Series. Up to 144nm / 7.5kW / 38mm Shaft.

With great reliability developed over 50 years of production and service, the S series mechanical variator remains a valid alternative to electronic variable speed drives particularly in harsh conditions. TXF series provides a lower cost, light weight solution with excellent manual speed control.



Aluminium series available in 3 sizes or Cast Iron series available in 7 sizes. Foot or flange mounted options, with motor or solid shaft input.


Up to 144Nm output torque or 7.5kW Motor Input. Up to 5000N admissible radial loads.

Output Speeds

380-2000rpm approx. from 2 pole input, 190-1000rpm approx. from 4 pole input, 122-660rpm approx. from 6 pole input.


All Motovario mechanical variators are supplied with a two year manufacturer's warranty for peace of mind.

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