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Medium Heavy Duty Gearboxes


Medium Heavy Duty Gearboxes

PBH/PBZ/PBC Series. Up to 110,000Nm / 220mm Output Shaft

The Motovario Heavy Duty Gearbox range is made up of three product ranges, each designed to meet the needs of the application and duty requirements, as well as the budget.



Each series is available in multiple sizes and configurations as a parallel helical or bevel helical reducer, with a huge range of options, accessories and even custom solutions.


Up to 110,000Nm continuous output torque from 1500rpm speed. Cases in 200 UNI cast iron. Gears and pinions in hardened steel.


PH Series available in 1 to 4 stages of reduction, 1,26:1 to 762,00:1. BH available in 2 to 4 stages of reduction, ratios 5,20:1 to 727,00:1.


All Motovario Medium Heavy Duty Gearboxes are supplied with a two year manufacturer's warranty for peace of mind.

PBH Series is designed to offer maximum reliability in the most arduous conditions. The series consists of parallel helical and bevel helical gear reducers up to 4 reduction stages, and is best suited to applications with high inertias, overloads, sudden peaks or significant external loads. One of the main benefits of PBH is it is highly customisable to the application requirement.

PBZ Series has been conceived and designed for continuous critical applications up to 110,000Nm. With up to 4 reduction stages, the PBZ features high power density, compact size, modularity, reliability and a favourable performance/robustness ratio.

PBC Series is specifically designed for heavy duty intermittent duty or seasonal applications, providing a heavy duty solution at a lower price where a PBH or PBZ selection is not necessary. Available up to 80,000Nm and reduction ratios up to 450:1.


Medium Heavy Duty Catalogue

Medium Heavy Duty Catalogue

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