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Three Phase Brake Motors


Three Phase Brake Motors

TBS/TBH Series. Up to 15kW / 2-4-6 Poles / 160 Frame.

Used on a wide variety of applications where holding or stopping is needed. Manufactured in Italy, Motovario TBS/TBH series motors proven quality and reliability has been demonstrated on the toughest applications and harsh conditions. Available with both AC and DC brake voltages from a wide variety of voltage supplies, or even as a double brake for safety application.



Available in aluminium multi-mount design. FM (DC Voltage) or MS (AC Voltage) brakes.


Exceptional quality Italian manufactured brakes. Available with a range of options including manual hand release, force ventilation, thermistors etc.


Available from 0.09kW to 15kW. 2,4 or 6 Poles. Three phase voltages from 230v to 690v, 50 or 60Hz Frequency.


All Motovario electric motors and geared motors are supplied with a two year manufacturer's warranty for peace of mind

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