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Robust and reliable geared motors available for fast nationwide delivery

Motovario are an Italian producer of electric motors, gearboxes and mechanical speed variators, used worldwide in a huge range of industrial and civil applications. With a manufacturing focus on quality, Motovario have invested in sophisticated and efficient production systems that ensure exceptional products marketed at competitive prices. Betech are Motovario’s UK Assembly Centre and Distribution Partner, with a huge stock available for fast Nationwide delivery.


Designed to offer maximum performance and reliability even in the harshest operating conditions, the Motovario H series is constructed from robust cast iron, with European footprint that allows interchange with other manufacturers. The Motovario HA series meanwhile offers a versatile, lightweight, cost effective solution for low power applications.

  • Up to 8000Nm nominal output torque
  • Shaft sizes from 20 to 90mm
  • Reduction ratios from 1,33:1 through to 353,98:1
  • Interchangeable dimensions with other manufacturers


Ideal for more arduous, shaft mounted applications such as heavier duty conveyors and augurs, the Motovario S series shaft mounted gearbox is now available up to 90mm output shaft with a wealth of mounting options and possibilities.

  • Up to 9500Nm nominal output torque
  • Hollow bore sizes from 30mm to 90mm
  • Constructed in EN-GJL-200 grey cast iron for high mechanical strength
Betech Bevel Helical Gearbox


Motovario B Series Bevel Helical gearboxes offer extraordinary performance and reliability. These highly versatile gear units are successfully used in a vast number of industrial and civil applications.  B-Series units offer excellent value for money and output torque/weight ratio, especially considering that they need very limited servicing.

  • Cast iron series hollow bore sizes from 35mm
    to 100mm
  • Up to 13,000Nm nominal output torque,
    radial loads up to 80,000N
  • Input powers up to 90kW 4 Pole
  • Supplied with a two year manufacturers warranty